“I see the assistant referee’s elbow for the first time” VS “Robertson is a big baby” English legend’s conflicting claims

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an assistant referee’s elbow.”

On the 10th (Korean time), an extraordinary scene appeared during the halftime of the 30th round Liverpool-Arsenal match (2-2 draw) of the English Premier League (EPL). Immediately after the end of the first half, Liverpool defender Robert Robertson grabbed assistant referee Konstantin Hachidakis’s arm as he left the ground and tried to say something. Elbow strikes are an unsportsmanlike but very common foul in intense football matches. However, the referee’s elbow strike on the player is an ‘incident’ that is difficult to happen.

Gary Neville, who was broadcasting on Sky Sports that day, also predicted, “It’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen a referee raise an elbow at a player.”

But another legendary commentator, Roy Keane, called Robertson a “big baby.” “I’ve never seen a scene like this in my life. But didn’t Robertson catch the line assistant referee first? I’m not sure, but Roberts always complains. It’s better to worry more about his defense.” “I’ve seen Robertson many times, but he’s a ‘big baby’. At that time, it would be better to focus more on the game and more on defense. And first, I got the line assistant referee,” he repeatedly insisted.

According to Sky Sports’ touchline reporter Beff Syreeves, Robertson unequivocally claimed that assistant referee Hajidakis hit him in the neck. Sirives said, “Robertson was completely embarrassed and passed out.” “Robertson said, 온라인카지노‘The lineman just elbowed me in the neck.’ Jordan Henderson saw it up close and protested to referee Paul Tierney and then walked off the field. It was an amazing scene,” he added.

PGMOL, led by referee Howard Webb, quickly issued an official statement prior to the game’s end saying, “We are aware of the half-time incident between assistant referee Konstantin Hachidakis and Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson. We plan to investigate the matter immediately after the game is over.”

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