I thought about giving up”… Park Eun-sun’s 3rd World Cup challenge

37-year-old veteran Park Eun-sun,메이저놀이터 a leading striker in Korean women’s soccer, announced her revival in the national team, raising expectations for the World Cup in July. In 2003, 20 years before Park Eun-sun, she wore her Taegeuk mark from the age of 17 and made a name for herself as a leading striker in women’s soccer, but since 2015 she has suffered injuries and sluggishness and has not been seen in her national team. It is. She returned to the national team after 7 years, and scored 3 goals and 2 assists in two friendly matches against Zambia on the 7th and 11th of this month. At 36 years and 107 days, she also broke her A-match record for oldest scorer. Park Eun-sun, who once said that she thought “she gave up (she thought she was giving up soccer)” and even contemplated her retirement, said Park Eun-sun, who gave her all in this Australia-New Zealand tournament, which could be her last World Cup. I am determined to give it up. 37-year-old striker Park Eun-seon’s 3rd World Cup challenge, 〈Sports Mug〉 delivers.

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