“It’s called ‘Robot’ but it’s different”… Hyulim Robot can’t climb alone when others climb 100%

When Yujin Robot soared 146%, Hyulim Robot rose 12.51%,
labeled as ‘Robot’, but 90% of process automation robot sales
are owned by gangster adoptive sons? Uncertain governance is also a risk factor.

Following secondary batteries, robots are considered the next theme to lead the domestic stock market, and the rise of robot stocks is sharp. However, even during this time, there is a robot stock that is rising slightly even though it has ‘robot’ in its name. It is Hyulim Robot, a KOSDAQ listed company.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 8th, the day before, Hyulim Robot closed at 2015 won, up 14.23% from the previous trading day. Although the stock price soared the previous day, the recent stock price trend of Hyulim Robot should be considered sluggish compared to other robot stocks. Hyulim Robot rose 12.51% over the past month (August 7 to September 7). During the same period, Yujin Robots soared 146% and Rainbow Robotics soared 41.79%. It is low even compared to the stock price growth rate of other robot stocks, such as SBB Tech (26.32%), a developer of robot reducers, and Roborobo (29.08%), a developer of educational robots.

Hyulim Robot is a robot developer for industrial and service industries founded in 1999. In 2006, it was listed on the KOSDAQ market for the first time in the robot industry. As of the 7th, the market capitalization is approximately 300 billion won. Hyulim Robot produces robots needed in the manufacturing industry, such as rectangular coordinate robots and semiconductor robots. We are also active in business diversification. Last June, we signed a business agreement with Kumho Electric’s IT subsidiary to develop self-driving robots and began developing artificial intelligence ( AI ) self-driving wheelchairs.

There are two main reasons for the slow rise of Hyulim Robot. First, the main product is a manufacturing robot. Industrial robots, which account for 90% of Hyulim Robot’s sales, are automated robots used in manufacturing processes. This is different from an intelligent robot that autonomously judges the work situation. Recently, large corporations have entered the robot industry and announced collaborations with robot companies, and these are all intelligent robots such as collaborative robots and self-driving robots. An official at a securities firm familiar with the robot industry said, “I don’t know the exact level of technology of Hyulim Robot, but it is true that the results are slightly different from areas that have recently been popular with investors.”

Some say that owner risk is holding down stock prices. Mr. Kim, known as the actual owner of Hyulim Robot, is known to be the adopted son of the late Kim Tae-chon, the leader of the Panseo Bangpa. He has a history of being judged by the law for capital-free M&A .

Mr. Kim does not appear at the forefront of Hulim Robot’s governance메이저놀이터 structure. The largest shareholder of Hulim Robot is Hulim Holdings with a 6.31% stake, and the largest shareholder of Hulim Holdings is real estate rental company J&Leaders. It is known that the CEO of J&Leaders is a relative of the actual owner, Mr. Kim. An official from a securities firm said, “Hyulim Robot has a complicated shareholder structure, and because of this, there have been times when there has been a large sale and the stock price has been suppressed (at the timing of the rise).” He added, “Because of these factors, even if you want to invest in robot stocks, you should not invest in other robot stocks. “There are bound to be many investors to choose from,” he said.

Rumors also appear frequently. Last year, when Samsung Electronics announced its entry into the robot business, Hulim Robot’s stock price soared. At the time, there was a rumor going around that Hulim Robot could be a takeover target by appointing Lee Jong-jin, an executive director from Samsung Electronics. However, ‘of course’ the takeover rumor was not true. An official from Hyulim Robot dismissed (the Samsung Electronics acquisition rumor), saying, “There were no discussions related to the headquarters at all.” The securities industry points out that frequently repeated rumors can distort supply and demand, resulting in sluggish stock prices.

However, the fact that Hyulim Robot is developing autonomous robot technology is a factor that can be expected to improve performance in the future. Hulim Robot spent 1.5 billion won on research and development last year, more than double the amount from the previous year. In the first half of this year, 700 million won was spent on development expenses.

The possibility of resumption of trading at KOSDAQ-listed company Hulim Atech, which was acquired by Hulim Robot, could also be an opportunity for a stock price rebound. Diark, the predecessor of Hulim ATech, was suspended from trading in March 2021 due to false disclosure that it was developing a treatment for ovarian cancer. However, expectations for a resumption of trading are growing as the Corporate Review Committee decided in July to resume deliberation on The Ark. Hulim ATech has recently raised funds from Canary BioM, which serves as a source of funds for the KOSDAQ market, and is improving its financial structure.

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