‘Jamboree Concert’ with 40,000 people… Male members suddenly have ‘kiss time’

A rare scene was created in the live broadcast of the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree K-Pop Concert’, where 40,000 teenagers from 143 countries gathered.

On the 11th, the closing ceremony of the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’ and K- Pop Super Live Concert were held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

On this day, Ive, New Jeans, ITZY, The Boyz, Mamamoo, NCT Dream, Monsta X Shownu Hyungwon, Kang Daniel, Kwon Eunbi, Zero Base One, Joe Yuri, Holly Bang, Cykers, KARD, Fromis 9, etc. The K-pop singers who performed the song made the stage shine.

The live performance of the concert was broadcast live on YouTube, etc. through KBS . Two Jamboree male members from overseas confirmed that they were being caught on camera, screamed in excitement, and suddenly had a ‘kiss time’.

Kiss Time refers to an event in which a camera is projected on the electronic display board at a sports stadium such as a baseball field so that the game does not become boring. Overseas, most of them put a ‘heart’ sign on the camera and induce kisses with two spectators reflected on the screen.

The live broadcast of the concert did not induce kiss time, but they voluntarily had kiss time, and netizens who saw it showed interesting reactions such as “I was메이저사이트 surprised while watching the stage” and “It was funny that the screen switched suddenly because they kissed”.

Excited Jamboree members singing K-pop

The 40,000 members who filled the seats continued to spontaneously cheer for ‘Riding the Waves’ several times, boosting the festive atmosphere.

Refreshed by the festive atmosphere, the members took out their mobile phones between performances and were busy recording the stage and sharing it on social media .

When all the cast members went on stage and sang TVXQ’s song ‘Balloon’, the finale stage unfolded, lighting up the night of the K-pop festival by turning on and waving mobile phone flashlights in all seats.

All official schedules of the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree ended with the K-Pop concert on this day.

Scouts from each country move to their lodgings according to their country’s schedule and have personal maintenance time, such as organizing luggage, and some countries stay in Korea longer to continue their schedules such as experiencing local culture.

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