Jang Dong-young putting down his basketball shoes for a while, why he left the 3×3 court and the future

 “I had unforgettable experiences through 3×3. It was a stage where I could achieve my dream, as I had not seen the light of day in 5v5.”

With summer in full swing, the 3×3 fever is ripe. Since last April, Korea Tour and KXO have been hosting representative 3×3 competitions in Korea, and this season’s men’s league division is showing an aspect of the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period where there is no absolute strong or weak, and it is emitting more heat. .

When you enjoy a 3×3 season, sometimes you have questions. This is when the players who performed well last season or in 3×3 international competitions are not visible on the court. Due to the structure of 3×3 in Korea, where 3×3 cannot be a ‘main job’, most of those who suddenly disappeared focus on their main job to make a living.

Jang Dong-young, who has had a decent career as a 3×3 professional player for the past few years, also decided to leave the 3×3 court for a while to pursue his main job, the Gimpo youth basketball class, although there were offers from other teams ahead of this season.

Jang Dong-young said, “As a 3×3 player this year, his activities are put down for a while and he is focusing on running a basketball class. For nearly four years, it seems that I almost gave up weekends to participate in 3×3 competitions. As a result, I neglected my children’s basketball lessons and spent less time with my family. I can still run as a player, and I also have greed as a player, but it is difficult to catch two rabbits due to the domestic 3×3 structure. First of all, I am going to focus on my main job this year,” he said, explaining why he left the 3×3 court.

Jang Dong-young, who gained a lot through 3×3, such as rising to the national team after starting his life as a 3×3 player, although he did not bloom greatly due to injury in the pro, said, “In fact, the reason I started 3×3 was because of my dream of becoming a national team member. There was a charm of 6 players competing fiercely in a small space. He also had unforgettable experiences through 3×3, such as being selected for the national team, wearing the Taegeuk mark, and matching breathing with various players from various teams. It was a stage where I could achieve my dream as I had not seen the light of day in 5:5”, revealing his affection for 3×3.

He continued, “In 2018, he first started playing 3×3, but I only remember losing a lot in the first year. The second year seems to be the most memorable. I participated in the national team selection match and wore the Taegeuk mark, and (Lee) Seung-jun, (Park) Jin-su, and (Kim) Dong-woo competed in the Asian Cup and defeated Iran to advance to the main draw. I think that time is the most memorable,” he recalled.

Even so, Jang Dong-young clearly drew the line that he was not retiring as a 3×3 player. He continued, “I can’t say for sure that I will retire through this interview right now. Anyway, as the years go by, more and more young players are appearing on the 3×3 stage, and I feel like I want to retire, but I don’t know for sure yet.” It was adopted as a demonstration event, but I have an idea that I would like to participate as a representative of Gimpo City or Gyeonggi Province. For the time being, I want to put down the burden of grades and enjoy it.”

Jang Dong-young, as a 3×3 active player, will take a break from activities for a while, but as the leader of the Gimpo basketball class he runs, he promised that he would put more effort into nurturing youth.

Jang Dong-young continued, “Since the release of the movies Slam Dunk and Rebound, there are more and more children in the Gimpo area who want to start playing basketball. I hope basketball becomes more famous and there are many friends who are good at it,” he said. want. I think it would be fun to see a picture of a master and a student running representing Gimpo City. Like me, I am trying to raise the dream of children so that they can win the title of the national team beyond Gimpo City,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Jang Dong-young expressed his gratitude, saying that he once again gained a lot through 3×3.메이저사이트

“Actually, I am just grateful for everything. It’s a pity right now, but after I’m ready for the future, if I get a chance, I’ll come back to the court. Thanks to 3×3, I had a dream-like time, and it seems that I did not let go of basketball while receiving an unexpected welcome. For the time being, as a fan from the side of the court, I will support the Korean 3×3 players together with the fans.”

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