Jeonbuk’s biggest task, which has already lost 4 times, is attacking, making a sharp combination.

In the end, the answer lies in attack.

Jeonbuk Hyundai scored only 7 goals in the 1st to 7th rounds after the opening. Excluding Gangwon FC (3 points), it corresponds to the lowest level in K-League 1. Considering that the defense was relatively not bad with 8 runs, the air defense balance is not right.

Jeonbuk was originally a team with strengths in attack. However, Jeonbuk’s distinctive destructive power this season has not been revealed, and it is struggling to compete in the early rankings. The ranking at the end of round 7 is 9th. It is a ranking that narrowly avoided the relegation zone. It is a location that does not match Jeonbuk.

Looking at various indicators, the sluggishness of offense is clearly noticeable. The number of shots is 8th with a total of 78 shots. The number of effective shots is 29, which is only 37% of the total number of shots. In the 7th round against Suwon FC, the number of shots was greatly pushed to 9 to 16.

The reason is that detailed play in the opponent’s attacking camp is not made. Just looking at Suwon FC, the number of key passes was only 4 times. This means that he made only one key pass every 22.5 minutes. There are few passes that create challenging and decisive opportunities, so of course it is inevitable to have difficulty trying to shoot.

There are strikers with various abilities in Jeonbuk, but they do not seem to be able to create synergy effects through combinations and tactics. The offensive power is hardly revived because the detailed and bold play in the opponent’s camp has not been revived. Since there are enough resources, you need to match the combination well, but after 7 rounds, a combination that can be called a reliable weapon has not been established.

Coaching staff, including Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik, need to wake up. Aside from the team shrinking amidst the chaotic atmosphere amidst the fan boycott, the team must gain competitiveness through tactics and strategies to promote a rebound. In order to overcome the pressure to resign, you must eventually speak in terms of grades, game content, and performance.

The performance of the newly recruited foreign players is also disappointing. Hafa Silva is showing its potential, but so far the results are minimal. Andre Luis, who had many chances early on, is close to failing. Despite being given a lot of time, he seems unable to integrate into the team. In the end, he missed the match against Suwon FC. In a losing situation, if the coach is hesitant to put in a player, he has no choice but to throw a question mark on his recruitment.

It is a clear contrast to rival team Ulsan Hyundai having fun by recruiting Rubiksson. Rubiksson is already leading the scorer with five goals.메이저놀이터 There is definitely a problem with Jeonbuk’s scouting system.

K-League 1 is still in its early stages. The gap with Ulsan has already widened significantly, but there is a long way to go. In order to somehow revive the team, we need to find a way to revive Jeonbuk’s strong point of offense.

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