Jung Yoo-ra’s ‘Raising’ won the bid… Ransom 700 million → 73 million won

At the time of the Park Geun-hye government’s manipulation of state메이저사이트 affairs, the words provided as a bribe by the Samsung Group to Jeong Yu-ra, the daughter of Choi Seo-won (previously renamed Choi Soon-sil), a ‘secret powerhouse’, were found in the fourth auction.

On the 23rd, Korea Asset Management Corporation’s public asset disposal system On-Bid, the dressage horse ‘Raising 1233’, which was auctioned off with the Criminal Evidence Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, was auctioned off at 73 million won on the 18th.

The first auction with the lowest bid of 104 million won in May was unsuccessful in the second auction in June and the third auction last month, when the lowest bid was lowered to 93.6 million won. In the 4th auction, which started on the 11th, the winning bid price is 58% of the appraisal price (125 million won). Proceeds from sales go to the national treasury.

Lausing is a Warmblood Westfalen breed male born in Germany in 2007. It is one of the three horses Chairman Lee gave to Mr. Chung in 2015-2016. The names of the other horses are ‘Salcido’ and ‘Vitana V’ . At the time, the ransom price per dog was estimated at 700 million won.

‘Racing’ was judged to be a bribe handed over to Mr. Choi by Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong (vice chairman at the time) at the destruction trial in January 2021. As a result, it was confiscated and classified as state property.

Prosecutors had to execute the public sale procedure of ‘Raising’ immediately after the confiscation order in 2021, but it was reported that they did not take over the related information from the special prosecutor Park Young-soo, who investigated the Gukjeong Nongdan case.

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