Kikuchi who was grated in episode 5 “I was mad at myself”

Toronto Blue Jays starter Yusei Kikuchi looks back on his pitching.

In an interview held on the 16th (Korean time) after losing the final game of the series with Baltimore at Camden Yards at Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 2-4, Kikuchi made his mound (4 2/3 innings, 6 hits, 1 walk, 1 home run, 2 walks). 7 strikeouts and 2 runs).

The 5th inning was the most disappointing game. After allowing lead hitter Adley Lutzman a home run, he caught two batters, but first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. missed Ramon Urias’s ground ball and allowed him to go on base.

He expressed intense regret when director John Schneider walked out, and after thinking about it for a while when asked how he felt at the time, he replied, “I wasn’t angry about the replacement.” “I was just so mad at myself. It was a pity that I allowed a home run and couldn’t finish the inning.”

He didn’t fill 5 innings, but the pitch itself wasn’t bad. He allowed 14 hits, with only 4 hard hits over 95 mph. He missed 19 of his 49 swings, or 39% of them. His four-seam fastball, curveball, and slider all consistently took away swings.

Manager John Schneider said, “The way he throws the slider has improved a lot. He induced a lot of weak hits, and he was good at guiding a whistle against right-handed hitters. In a home run situation, I think I made the right choice on the 0-2 count. The opposing batter made a good swing,” he praised Kikuchi’s pitching.

Catcher Danny Jansen, who said he had video-checked his last two appearances, said, “It was great. I was really happy. I think the ball combination is good. His curve was good and his fastball went well,” he praised his teammates.

Kikuchi also positively commented on the content of the pitch, saying, “I have emphasized the slider control a lot over the past few weeks, but today the control was good.” He also showed satisfaction with the use of his high fastball, saying, “Janson gave a good lead.”

Teammate Chris Bassett personally followed Kikuchi as he entered the clubhouse after pitching to encourage him. Kikuchi conveyed a message of encouragement from his colleague, saying, “I really enjoyed watching my pitching, and said that I should keep trying because my pitch is still good.”

It was not because of Kikuchi that Toronto lost that day. The biggest problem was the batting line that recorded no hits in 6 at-bats and 7 left bases in scoring range. Coach Schneider expressed his faith in the hitters, saying, “It is only a matter of time before they survive because they are talented players.”

In the ninth inning, Caban Vizio’s foul ball went slightly to the left and was considered a home run. Regarding the situation where the home run was not recognized after the video review, Schneider eased his regret by joking, saying, “I hope that the day will come when laser technology and other technologies develop so that check swings, fouls, and pairs can be judged someday.”

For Toronto, this series confirmed that Baltimore is no longer the weakest on the planet. “Baltimore is a team with good hitters and a very good bullpen,” Jansen said. became a better team. The atmosphere in the arena also seems to have improved. The American League East Division is such a place. Five teams are giving each other a fatal blow,” he said, saying that the global competition is tough.

Toronto will move to Texas and have a three-game series with the Texas Rangers, the leading team in the Western Division.안전놀이터

“We’re going to look at each other’s faces right now and say, ‘This isn’t what we want to be,'” Schneider said. There is never a lack of preparation or effort. When the offense and defense begin to harmonize, it will improve quickly,” he promised to do his best.

Kikuchi also said, “The team atmosphere is still good. The team members are well united around the veterans,” he said, emphasizing that there is no problem with the team atmosphere.

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