Kim Dae-hyun’s innocence, the credibility of the victim’s testimony has declined… How about Lee Young-ha?

 LG Twins right-hander Kim Dae-hyun (26) was found not guilty of school violence against victim A. Doosan Bears right-hander Lee Young-ha (26), who is fighting the same victim in court, draws attention to what outcome he will accept.

On the 10th, Kim Dae-hyun was acquitted of school violence charges by the court. In 2015, when he was in the third year of Sunrin Internet High School, Kim Dae-hyun had been tried by military court for special assault and coercion of victim A, a junior in the baseball club. Daehyun Kim is currently serving as an active duty soldier.

It is known that the court did not recognize both special violence and coercion. The court ruled that the testimony of Mr. A was not credible. The date that Mr. A claimed that there was assault and coercion was not correct, and the fact that Mr. A and Dae-hyun Kim were not in the same space on the date of the claim was also proven. It remains to be seen whether Mr. A appeals.

Lee Young-ha is being tried at the Seoul Western District Court after being indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and intimidation of Mr. A. Lee Young-ha, like Kim Dae-hyun, is in the process of proving his alibi that he was not at the same place on the date of the alleged assault. At the second trial held on the 10th of last month, Mr. A, who attended as a witness, gave a detailed statement of the damage, and Lee Young-ha’s side submitted evidence to refute the timing of the damage.

Mr. A claimed that on August 20, 2015, 메이저놀이터 Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun were specially assaulted by forcing his fingers into an electric fly swatter. She also said that from August to the end of September of that year, Young-ha Lee cheered Ms. A with her other juniors, and in September and October of that year, there were harsh acts such as cleaning and washing in her own room.

Lee Young-ha insists that she was selected as a youth representative during that period and that she was not in the same space as Mr. A. At that time, the youth national team had a practice game with the university team while training together in Gunsan, Jeonbuk from August 17 to 25, 2015, and departed to participate in the World Youth Baseball Championship held in Osaka, Japan on the 26th. She said that she stayed in Japan until September 7 of that year, Young-ha Lee, and after that, she was already in first place at Doosan, so she rarely went to school.

In the second trial, Mr. A argued that Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun were present when Sunrin Internet High School played two association long games in Busan on August 22 and 24, 2015. It is true that Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun were listed on the association’s long-term participation list, but did not appear in the game. In this regard, Mr. A emphasized that he was together in Busan, saying, “I took Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun like a spare because I couldn’t lose.”

Kim Dae-hyun proved his alibi in relation to the above case, and the court concluded that Mr. A’s claim was not credible.

Lee Young-ha’s side positively observed the outcome of Kim Dae-hyun’s trial. Attorney Kim Seon-woong, legal representative of Young-ha Lee, said, “The incidents that occurred in August and September 2015 are similar to players Dae-hyun Kim and Young-ha Lee. Regarding this matter, we believe that Lee Young-ha will be able to prove enough because he has completed the same schedule as Kim Dae-hyun. I expected it. Looking at the results of Kim Dae-hyun, I expect that our claim will be accepted.”

Lee Young-ha has more things to prove apart from Kim Dae-hyun’s innocence. They are charged with abusive behavior at home, extorting ramen from Mr. A during a training camp in Taiwan in February 2015, and blackmailing Mr. A and other juniors.

Lee Young-ha’s side denies all of the above. Around the end of June 2015, he moved out of his room and stayed at his parents’ house. After that, Lee Young-ha’s classmate, who shared a room with him, submitted evidence that he had been living with his mother. He claims that he did not extort or blackmail him during the training camp in Taiwan.

Attorney Kim said, “The battery training in February 2015 is a different matter from Kim Dae-hyun. We are claiming innocence in this case as well. In any case, (with Kim Dae-hyun’s acquittal), we are looking at whether the credibility of the victim’s statement will decrease in general.” said

Lee Young-ha will attend the third trial on the 20th. It is a place to interrogate one additional witness requested by the prosecution. The trial period is expected to be much longer than that of Kim Dae-hyun, as one additional witness from the prosecution remains and one witness from Lee Young-ha’s application must also be interrogated.

LG plans to help Kim Dae-hyun join the spring camp as soon as he is discharged and prepare for the new season, and Doosan decided to appoint him after the results of Young-ha Lee’s trial come out.

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