“Kim Ha-seong, the best defense in SD history… Golden the field” praised by the US media, summoned even Hall of Fame legends

Rae praises for Ha-seong Kim (28) of the San Diego Padres continue. 

San Diego Union-Tribune, an American regional magazine, said on the 6th (hereinafter Korean time), “The start of the 2023 season is not smooth, but Kim Ha-seong and the Padres are shining gold in the field.” illuminated 

The media said,메이저사이트 ‘If it wasn’t for the defense, Padres fans might not have visited the stadium by now. Defense is what the Padres do best in 2023. Despite the flaws, the defense is better than the other 29 teams,” he said. “Baseball fans don’t shout defense, but Padres fans shout Kim Ha-seong in that sense.” 

Then, ‘Kim Ha-seong has the best defense in the club’s history. At shortstop, he might be the best Padres player except for Hall of Fame Azzie Smith. He also raised the defensive power of Ha-seong Kim, who covers all positions, saying, “I often digest third base comfortably.” 

Azi Smith is a byword for a shortstop who won the Gold Glove for 13 consecutive years from 1980 to 1992. Despite hitting .26, 2.2, and 28 home runs in his 19 seasons, he was promoted to the Hall of Fame purely because of his defense. He debuted in San Diego in 1978 and played four years until 1981. Ha-seong Kim’s defensive presence is so great that it can be compared to such a great player. 

Continuing the media, ‘Ha-seong Kim, who is recording +10 DRS (Defensive Run Save, the number of points prevented by defense) at second base this year, is running first in the Fielding Bible rankings. He is more than half off the next players. He piled up huge numbers from the right range,’ he explained. 

With Kim Ha-seong at the center, San Diego is leading the defense with three baseman Manny Machado, shortstop Xander Bogatz, and right fielder Fernando Tatis Jr. According to the media, Bogatz has the highest OAA (Outs Abobe Average) percentile in the shortstop category at 100%, and Tatis also ranks first in the fielding bible rankings in the right field category, boasting the best defense of the position along with Kim Ha-seong. . 

In the home game against the Chicago Cubs held at Petco Park on the 6th, Kim Ha-seong thrilled the home crowd with his amazing defense. When Bogatz left due to a wrist injury, Kim Ha-seong, who moved to shortstop, handled three outcounts, and showed a good defense at first base in the 8th inning. 

He threw himself into Dansby Swanson’s heavy hit and prevented it from falling. Then, he quickly picked up the ball that flowed to the side and tossed it to 2nd base while lying face down, and forced out the runner on 1st base. The situation where you could be 1st and 2nd base safely has changed to 1 company and 1st base. Pitcher Nick Martinez expressed his gratitude to Ha-seong Kim in an excited look. 

Kim Ha-seong, who came out as the 8th hitter that day, also played an active part in hitting 3 times with 2 hits, 1 RBI and 1 walk in 3 at-bats. After exploding an RBI double in the left side in the 2nd inning, he succeeded in making a multi-hit with an infield hit in the 7th inning. He even walked in the eighth inning and went on three bases to lead San Diego to a 5–0 win.

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