KPGA expands game video collection using ‘video data management system’…double compared to the previous year

 The Korea Professional Golf Association 메이저사이트(Chairman Koo Ja-cheol, hereinafter referred to as KPGA) is expanding the collection of players’ game videos by utilizing the ‘KPGA Video Data Management System’.

Game video data has been collected through the ‘KPGA Video Data Management System’, which KPGA developed through research services to strengthen game video content since last year.

KPGA, which had secured an average of 900 to 1,300 game video data per year until last year, succeeded in collecting about 1,800 game video data as of September this year. Looking at the results alone, it is a figure that has more than doubled compared to last year. 

Looking at specific competitions, the 2022 KB Financial Live Championship had 788 matches from the first round to the final round, but this year’s competition collected 1,896 match video data.

Additionally, there were 1,088 videos exposed at the 65th KPGA Championship in 2022. However, there were 2,640 videos secured during this season’s competition.

Through the KPGA video data management system, game broadcast video is archived in real time on the KPGA official website and the leaderboard page within the application during the tournament. All archived videos of players are also displayed in the ‘PLAYER SHOT’ corner of the player page.

Starting in October, KPGA plans to directly process the collected video based on the video data management system and provide it as a new type of video service, ‘KPGA PLAYER SHOT+’.

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