LAL seeks to recruit career-best DET ace… Interested by 12 teams

The Lakers, who suffered from extreme sluggishness at the beginning of the season, are showing better performance than before. In particular, the performance of Anthony Davis, who announced a revival with a tremendous performance, stands out.

However, the Lakers still lack a lot to challenge for the championship. Among them, the need to recruit shooters continues to be mentioned.

Currently, the Lakers are staying at the bottom of the average number of successful 3-pointers per game (9.7) and 28th in success rate (32.2%). In order to go higher, outside support must be more active.

The Lakers, lacking a reliable shooter on their roster, are looking for outside reinforcements. One of the players spotted on the Lakers’ radar is Bogdanovic.

Bogdanovic, who moved to Detroit ahead of this season, is playing an active role as an ace, recording an average of 21.0 points, a field 메이저놀이터 goal rate of 50.8%, and a 3-point success rate of 43.7%. His field goal percentage, 3-point success rate, and scoring average are all career highs.

The Lakers are known to have offered a package with a protection clause and a future first-round pick in negotiations for Bogdanovic. However, it is not an easy situation as there are many competitors.

“The Lakers are prioritizing shooting in the trade conversation,” Karania wrote. “The Lakers have offered Detroit’s Boyan Bogdanovic a first-round protective pick. Roughly 12 teams, including the Lakers, have inquired about Bogdanovic, and the first-round picks have been very good.” Offered a pick or multiple second-round picks.”

Detroit, which is receiving a lot of inquiries, is not particularly urgent about the Bogdanovic trade. The team is rebuilding if no perfectly satisfactory offer comes in, but there is a possibility that they will consider staying with Bogdanovic for a longer period of time. 

Reporter Karania added, “Detroit isn’t in a hurry to trade Bogdanovic. In fact, Detroit has shown considerable resistance to other teams about Bogdanovic’s move.”

In addition to Bogdanovich, the Lakers are said to be interested in New York’s Cam Reddish and Evan Forney. Attention is focusing on what kind of movement the Lakers will make in the trade market.

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