Lee Jae-ik “Gold medal burden, if you can’t hold on, you can’t listen to the AG list”

 Lee Jae-ik (Seoul E-Land), who wants to prove his value again at the Asian Games, expressed his strong aspirations.스포츠토토

Lee Jae-ik entered the Paju NFC (National Team Training Center) on the 15th and participated in the U-24 national team convocation training led by coach Hwang Seon-hong. 

Lee Jae-ik is a member of the 2019 FIFA (International Football Federation) U-20 World Cup runner-up, and this time he will take on the challenge to show his true value on the Asian stage. 

Lee Jae-ik has changed a lot since the U20 World Cup. In October of that year, he was also promoted to Ben Tuho, and in July of last year, he made his A-match debut in the East Asian Cup. He is a promising center back.

Lee Jae-ik, who was preparing for the Asian Games with his colleagues four years ago, said, “We think that the time of 2 nights and 3 days is an extremely important time, and we think it is a very good opportunity to show individual players to the coach.” ) Of course, if you think there is only a gold medal, you will be burdened, but if you can’t win this, I don’t think you’ll be on the list.” 

The following is Lee Jae-ik’s Q&A. 

– Impressions of convocation

As long as the convocation period is short, we will do our best to play the football that we want to play and the coach wants to play together.

-You don’t have a lot of training time. How are the players?

The players are realizing it too. So, we think that 3 days and 2 nights is an extremely important time and we think it is a very good opportunity to show individual players to the coach.

-What if the director asks for something?

During this call-up period, they demand a lot of defensive tactics and a lot of mental aspects from us.

– During the Asian Games, there will be military service benefits, which will motivate you a lot. Is there a part that talks about special tactics?

I think it’s natural to motivate each individual. It is too early to talk about the white 3 and white 4 right now. The coach emphasized that all 11 players should play defense.

-This is the last age-specific competition with U20 World Cup members.

I think the national team by age group is meaningful. There is a sense of closeness among the U20 World Cup members, but since all the other players have joined, we want to achieve good results together. 

-Your juniors are preparing for the U20 World Cup in Argentina. Is there anything you would like to say?

-There is Hwang In-taek on the same team. Before the World Cup, Kangin planted the mindset that ‘we will really win’. I hope Korea can show that it is a strong team.

– What does the Asian Games mean to you personally?

There is motivation. Rather than that, I think it’s a stage where I can show myself on the Asian stage again.

– You must feel burdened because your goal is to win a gold medal.

Of course, if you think that there is only a gold medal, you can feel the burden. But if I can’t overcome that pressure, I don’t think I’ll be on the list.

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