Lee Kang-in says ‘the possibility of transfer is 90%’… Where is your destination? Candidates for Ajax and Newcastle

Lee Kang-in, who showed the possibility of a new ace in Korean soccer through the 2022 Qatar World Cup, is receiving great attention from the English Premier League and the first division of the Netherlands, so the probability of leaving Mallorca, Spain, his current team, is increasing. 

On the 7th (Korean time), 토토사이트 “There is a 90% chance that Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca. He’s not yet at the stage to be clear, but he’s getting love calls from England and the Netherlands.” 

Lee Kang-in plays a key role in Mallorca in the 2022/23 season, and also plays a big role in the team’s performance.

He started in 15 La Liga games and scored 2 goals and 3 assists. In the round of 32 of the ‘Copa del Rey (Spain King’s Cup)’ held on the 5th, he also entered as a second-half substitute and scored a decisive pass that led to the team’s winning goal.

Kang-in Lee had already been involved in transfer rumors during the World Cup in Qatar.

In the second match against Ghana, when he showed off his offensive power, such as helping Cho Kyu-seong’s pursuit goal with a measured cross, the European press pinpointed where he wanted him. 

At the time, European media reported that England’s Newcastle United, Wolverhampton, and Burnley (second division), as well as Ajax and Feyenoord of the Netherlands, showed interest.

In particular, in the case of Newcastle, it was even reported that they expressed their intention to pay 15 million pounds (about 24 billion won), which is known as Lee Kang-in’s buyout.

Ajax, the prestigious Netherlands, showed interest in Lee Kang-in even after he received the Golden Ball (MVP) at the U-20 World Cup three years ago.

Reporter Moreto said, “I can’t say where Lee Kang-in will go now. He is not yet in specific negotiations with any team, but it is true that he is receiving a lot of attention,” he said, referring to Lee Kang-in’s current situation.

Lee Kang-in’s contract with the Mallorca club runs until June 2025. Mallorca, which recruited Lee Kang-in as a free agent without a transfer fee at the time of the contract, is highly likely to decide to sell Lee Kang-in for a large transfer fee income.

However, the point of sale is unlikely to be this winter. 

Mallorca, which competed to stay last season, is now in 11th place (19 points) this season, but it is only 6 points behind Espanyol in 18th place, which is in the relegation zone. It is difficult to send ace Lee Kang-in to another team during the season in the reality that he may have to participate in the remaining competition at any time. 

It is also important that Lee Kang-in expressed his opinion that he wants to focus on his current team.

In an interview conducted during the last World Cup in Qatar, Lee Kang-in said, “I have never thought about the winter transfer market yet. I am very happy in Mallorca. I hope to continue to rise high with the team,” he said, expressing his affection for Mallorca.