‘Lee Yong-soo resigns’ KFA appoints Michael Müller as head of the Power Reinforcement Committee

The Korea Football Association announced, “Recently, Lee Yong-soo, the National Team Strengthening Committee, expressed his gratitude and repaired it, and Michael Müller (58), who is currently the Association’s Technical Development Committee, was newly appointed as his successor.”

This is the first time that a foreigner has been appointed to the head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, which is responsible for fostering and managing the national team.

Chairman Müller, who is from Germany, took office as a leader training instructor for the Korea Football Association in April 2018, and since the fall of that year, he has served as the association’s technical development chairman twice.

He has been working for the development of youth soccer in Korea, such as educating first-line leaders and introducing the 8-8 game in elementary school.

Before coming to Korea, he worked as a coach and instructor for the German Football Association for 10 years. He has coached the German 메이저사이트 U-15 and U-18 national teams and was a scout for the U-21 national team, helping them win the 2017 UEFA U-21 Championship.

The Korea Football Association said, “He not only experienced European advanced football, but also has a good understanding of the Korean football environment, from youth to professional and national team players, while working in Korea for five years. As he has played a major role in establishing policies for the Korea Football Association, such as nurturing players and leaders, we expect him to demonstrate his ability excellently.”

Chairman Muller will hold a press conference next week to reveal his aspirations for the future operation of the committee after appointing a new member of the national power reinforcement committee to work with him.

Chairman Muller said, “I am very happy and thank the Korea Football Association for choosing me. I am well aware of how high the status of the national soccer team is in Korea. I will do my best to carry out the important mission well,” he said.

Chairman Müller’s first task is to appoint a new national team coach. To this end, the newly formed Power Reinforcement Committee will discuss the 1st supervisor candidates prepared under the former chairman Lee Yong-soo.

The Korea Football Association said, “The new committee centered on Chairman Müller may add candidates if necessary.” There is no change,” he said.

Former Chairman Lee Yong-soo said, “From the time I was first appointed to the World Cup in Qatar, I thought it was my role. After the tournament, I conveyed my intention to resign from the power reinforcement chairman and vice president to the association.” “I think it is the right direction for the newly appointed power reinforcement chairman to prepare for the 2026 World Cup with the new national team coach. I wish that the national team develops further and achieves good results in the future.”