LH’s ‘Abolition theory’ in ‘continuous futility’… President Lee Han-joon “All executives submit resignation letter”

At this rate, the voice that LH itself should be eliminated is 메이저사이트getting louder. Of course, it is not realistically possible right away, but it means that renewal is necessary with that level of determination. President Lee Han-jun apologized once again and received a letter of resignation from the former executive.

Reporter Baek Dae-woo reports.

[Reporter] LH
President Lee Han-joon stood on the podium with a dark expression on his face . He carefully opened his mouth, saying that it was a heavy and miserable feeling. Lee Han- joon , president of LH , “I sincerely apologize and apologize for causing concern to the people,” and while doing so, he took out the organization’s ‘human resource renewal card’ and held it. Lee Han-joon / President of LH “As the first step to innovate this organization that has lost even the basics, resignations (for all executive directors) have been submitted.” “The person in charge who omitted the report this time was immediately dismissed, and I will follow the will of the person in charge of appointment and dismissal,” he said. An organizational reform plan was also presented. It was emphasized that LH’s own design and construction would be completely abolished, and the selection of a supervisory company would be transferred to the local government to cut off the entire building. Even though some suggested an improvement due to the land speculation incident two years ago, LH

As the bad practice of the former government continues, I also propose to abolish LH at this opportunity and establish a housing policy agency to transfer the role of LH within the government.

However, the general opinion is that it is practically impossible as 10,000 LH employees must be appointed as public officials and the Government Organization Act must be changed.

Because of this, reform at the level of organizational major surgery has become inevitable. It is known that President Yoon Seok-yeol asked President Lee to complete the LH reform work.

This is Baek Dae-woo from TV Chosun.

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