Lim Joo-heon wins silver medal in Junior GP debut… Korea ‘super strong’

Korean figure skating prospects continued their good performance today (16th). In the 4th Junior Grand Prix competition, Lim Joo-heon of the men’s singles won the silver medal.

This is reporter Seong-Hoon Lee.


Lim Joo-heon continued his rise to first place in the short program in the free skating.

He successfully completed his first three jumping tasks cleanly, and메이저사이트 although he continued to make mistakes in jumping in the second half when his stamina was low, he survived without falling even once.

At the end of his performance, when the music changed to a faster tempo, he showed his composure and encouraged applause from the audience, and at the end, he clenched his fists and expressed his satisfaction.

Lim Joo-heon, who received 142.57 points in the free skating, finished in second place with a total of 217.95 points, behind France’s Pitot, and marked his international debut with a silver medal.

[Lim Joo-heon (17 years old)/Suri High School: I am really happy to have received good reviews and good grades in my first international competition. There was a certain amount of tension, but I was still really happy about the competition.]

Korean figure skating is showing a strong performance by winning medals in every competition until the 4th Junior Grand Prix competition this season.

They won 9 medals, including 5 women’s singles, 3 men’s singles, and 1 ice dance, and are recording the ‘most medals’, beating Japan with 7.

Hwang Jeong-yul, a 13-year-old prospect in the women’s singles, confirmed her entry into the top five in the ongoing free skating with a score of 111.33 and a total score of 172.42. 

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