Los Angeles Lakers general manager’s ambition, “I will do my best to help the combination of LeBron and Davis”

General Manager Pelinka talked about plans for the next season.

The LA Lakers signed LeBron James (206cm, F) and Anthony Davis (208cm, FC) to win the championship. And in the last 2019-2020 season, they won the championship with the two at the fore.

After that, I tried to win the championship, but it was not easy. In particular, in the 2021-2022 season, they failed to advance to the playoffs.

Until the beginning of this season, the Lakers were insecure. Because the season started with 2 wins and 10 losses. At the time, the chance of making the playoffs was only 0.3%. However, the Lakers finished the regular season in 7th place this season. Making changes to the squad through trades at the end of the season was effective.

In the first round of the playoffs, they met the Memphis Grizzlies. Although they were the 7th seed, they advanced to the second round with a 4-2 record over top-seeded Memphis. The opponent in the second round was the Golden State Warriors led by Stephen Curry (188cm, G). This time around, they put on a strong defense and recorded 4 wins and 2 losses.

However, the Lakers’ blast did not continue to the end. He struggled to reach the conference finals, but ended the season without winning a game against the Denver Nuggets. It was disappointing that the rain finished, but the Lakers’ late-season blast left hope for the next season.

In response, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka opened up about the next season. In an interview with Lares Nation, general manager Pelinka said, “LeBron and Davis are the best duo in the league. No duo from any other team can compare. They are players who will do their best to win and lead the team to victory. Our team is proud of the combination of these two players. And I want to invest more actively to create a better environment.”스포츠토토

This season, many players from the Lakers will obtain free agent status. In addition to the main players James and Davis, only Mo Bamba (213cm, C) and Jared Vanderbilt (206cm, F) contracts remain. Pelinka is the general manager who has to spend a busy off-season to maintain or reinforce power. As General Manager Pelinka said, can the Lakers succeed in reinforcing their strength through the next off-season?

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