Lose weight and hair too? What to pay attention to during the summer diet

The importance of maintaining an appropriate weight does not cover the season. However, maintaining an appropriate weight all year round is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike the past, when a lack of calories was a problem, this is because of an environment in which food is excessively abundant.

Among the four seasons, summer is the time when the desire to lose weight is the strongest because of thinner clothes. In other words, summer diets are easy to overdo in the mind of losing weight as soon as possible. Let’s find out 3 things to be careful about in summer diet.

▲ Excessive meal reduction

The fastest way to lose weight is actually fixed메이저사이트. It is to drastically reduce the amount of food. In summer, when people are more anxious about losing weight, it is easier to reduce the diet period by controlling excessive amounts of food.

However, in this case, you have to be prepared for various side effects such as increased yo-yo risk, increased risk of hair loss, and lethargy. This is why those who have experienced a diet through excessive reduction in food intake all dissuade it. In summer, when energy tends to drop, you should go on a diet based on the principle of consuming various nutrients evenly.

▲ Excessive exercise

In summer, it is easy to reduce the amount of food eaten excessively, but the amount of exercise is highly likely to be excessively increased. This is also because of the impatience to succeed in losing weight as soon as possible. However, it is recommended to reduce the amount of exercise by 10-20% in the hot summer. Unlike other seasons, there is a risk of heat-related illness.

If you don’t want to reduce the total amount of exercise, you can consider lowering the intensity of the exercise but increasing the duration of the exercise. However, even in this case, sufficient hydration must be premised.

▲ Water intake rather than beverages

Beverages that are known to help with weight loss are widely in the limelight. In the summer when you feel thirsty easily, it is easy to drink this drink instead of water. It is aiming for the effect of killing two birds with one stone, such as reducing the neck and losing weight. However, it is safe to say that beverages that can replace water in terms of maintaining body moisture or nutrients are extremely limited. Along with the amount of food, the basic water intake should be maintained while dieting.

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