Mitoma’s honest answer, “I’m not comfortable” to the cheers of 60,000 spectators in Japan?

Kaoru Mitoma, who emerged as the signboard of the Japanese national soccer team, pledged to “develop further.”

The Japanese national soccer team will play a friendly match against Colombia in the 2023 Kirin Challenge Cup at Yodoko Sakura Stadium in Osaka, Japan on the 28th.

Japan drew 1-1 against Uruguay on the 24th. Mitoma started on the left wing and played 89 minutes.

On the 27th, Japanese media ‘Sports Hochi’ said, “Mitoma led the cheers of 60,000 spectators at the Tokyo National Stadium with his splendid dribbling.” reported that

Mitoma told the media how he felt after the match against Uruguay. He said, “As communication between players is increasing, I want to improve the precision of the game. The quality of the forward pass, which was lacking in the game against Uruguay, must also improve.

Regarding the huge enthusiasm of the Japanese fans, he said, “To be honest, I was surprised by the cheers of people when I dribbled. I feel the heat that I did not feel in England.”

Regarding the fact that he has emerged as the representative of the Japanese national team, he confessed, “I think we should take responsibility.

However, he laughed, saying,메이저놀이터 “It’s not comfortable” when it comes to focusing too much attention on himself. Mitoma said, “He wants to be the same level of attention and skill. He wants to improve further.”

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