Mizuno Releases New Marathon Shoe Wave Rebellion Pro

Global sports brand Mizuno released the ‘WAVE REBELLION PRO’, a racing shoe with new technology and eco-friendly elements, in the first week of 2023.

‘Wave Rebellion Pro’, which was released exclusively through Good Runner Company on January 2nd, is a product of SSA (Smooth Speed ​​Assist) and Mizuno Energy Foam, which contain the crystallization of Mizuno’s aspirations and efforts to improve speed over the past 60 years. It is a racing shoe with a new structure created.

First of all, the cut heel of the Wave Rebellion Pro with SSA, a newly introduced technology, induces a natural midfoot landing, and the extended midfoot plays a role in supporting the midfoot performance. Through this, it reduces the load on the muscles around the calf during running, thereby improving energy efficiency during running and helping to run quickly to the finish line through accumulated energy.

In addition, Mizuno Energy Lite and Mizuno Enerzy Lite+ applied to the Wave Rebellion Pro are Mizuno’s unique midsole materials with specialized resilience and cushioning properties, respectively. Mizuno Enerzy Lite+ is placed on the upper part, which is in direct contact with the foot, to feel soft cushioning when worn. Mizuno Energy Lite, which has excellent repulsive power, is placed on the lower part close to the ground and applied in a double structure to maximize performance during ignition or running.

Wave Rebellion Pro is an eco-friendly running shoe that minimizes the impact on the environment. More than 90% of recycled materials were used to make the upper and lining, and the wave plate was made with eco-friendly materials extracted from plants.

More details about the Wave Rebellion Pro, a new concept racing shoe equipped with Mizuno’s new structure SSA, can be found on Mizuno and the Good Runner Company online store.

On the other hand, Mizuno Korea (established on July 1, 2013) is introducing products suitable for various sports life, from soccer, running, volleyball, baseball, and swimming. It meets the needs of not only professional players but also various users through sports goods with special technology. In addition, Mizuno continues various CSR activities to contribute to and coexist with the local community and promote vitality through sports. 스포츠토토