MLB, an independent league experiment limiting the act of lifting the pitcher’s foot to one time

American professional baseball Major League Baseball (MLB), which introduced unconventional rules to reduce game time and induce thrilling matches, continues experimentation.

The MLB Secretariat said on the 19th (Korean time), “We decided to introduce a rule to the Atlantic League, an independent league this season, to limit the act of a designated runner and pitcher taking their feet off the pitcher’s plate once per at-bat.” We’ll see how it affects it.”

The designated substitute runner system is a rule that designates one substitute runner who can be substituted at any time and uses it in the game.

Each team designates one player who is not included in the starting lineup before the game as a substitute runner, and that player may start as a substitute runner in any situation when a runner is available.

A substitute runner who has completed his or her duties may be substituted with the player who served the plate.

Currently, in professional baseball around the world, players who have been replaced cannot return to the game.

The purpose of the designated runner system is to energize the game through quick runner play.

MLB’s judgment is that runners must actively steal bases and run bases to increase the thrill of the game.

MLB also increased the base size this season to reduce the distance between bases.

We also prepare regulations that strictly limit pitcher delays.

MLB introduced a pitch clock that limits pitching time this season, limiting the pitcher’s stepping off the pitcher’s plate to a maximum of two per at-bat.

MLB is experimenting with a rule that reduces this to one round through an independent league, and if this rule is introduced, the game time is expected to be further reduced.

In addition, MLB decided to reintroduce the ‘double hook’ rule to independent leagues, which allows the starting pitcher to continue using the designated hitter only when he has pitched 5 or more innings. explained that “the purpose of this regulation is to make the roles of the starting pitcher and the bullpen distinct.”바카라사이트

MLB recently began introducing unconventional rules as the influx of young fans declined due to long game times and tedious proceedings.

This season, by limiting pitching time and banning defensive shifts, average game time has decreased by about 30 minutes.

Since 2019, MLB has partnered with the independent league, the Atlantic League, and is experimenting with various regulations, some of which have been introduced to the big leagues through the minor leagues.

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