Mobile Strike Force Pohang flies to second place

Pohang, a professional soccer team led by coach Kim Ki-dong, beat Incheon to rank second in the league.

Today’s Mobile Strike Team! At the last moment, there was Jeka, a foreigner.

Would you like to see the movement of infiltrating the back space like Pohang’s mobile strike force on the Incheon expedition?

Kim Seung-dae runs fast and passes the Incheon defense메이저사이트!

The main character who finished is Jeka!

The movement of Kim Seung-dae, digging into the back space, was also outstanding.

Director Kim Ki-dong clenches his fist and likes it.

Pohang kept Jeka’s opening goal well until the end and took three valuable away points and beat Seoul again to rise to second place in the league.

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