‘Monster long hitter’ rookie Bang Shin-sil desperately needs a win… Head-to-head match against LPGA Choi Hye-jin at the E1 Charity Open

The monster long hitter Bang Sin-sil (19) is throwing a fresh shock to the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) every day.안전놀이터

Bang Sin-sil produced a great distance at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship last year. On that day, he blew for a career-high 291 yards, earning praise from the crowd and players who played with him. The average distance this season is 264.6 yards. Although she sent the ball farther than Kim Su-ji’s 259 yards, the season’s No. 1 in distance, she was not ranked in the rankings due to the small number of competitions. Many golfers showed interest in the birth of a new star who can lead the KLPGA.

Bang Sin-sil is cruising with grades such as 4th in the KLPGA Championship and 3rd in the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship in April. Last week at the Doosan Match Play Championship, he won two consecutive group matches, but lost in the third match and then Hong Jung-min in an overtime match, failing to advance to the round of 16.

However, she is not yet in a position to consistently appear on the KLPGA tour. Last year she was only ranked 40th in the seed ranking match, so she is currently unable to compete in all competitions. She can only come out fragmentarily. There are only about 10 matches that Bang Shin-sil can participate in this year’s KLPGA tour tournament on her own.

In order to guarantee stable tour activities next year, you need to collect the prize money ranking as high as possible every time you come out. Or you have to win and get a stable seed. The most certain thing is winning. All problems can be solved with just one competition.

In that sense, the KLPGA Tour E1 Charity Open (total prize money of 900 million won) is a good opportunity for Bang Shin-sil, who has improved as much as he can, but does not have many opportunities. The tournament will be held at Seongmunan Country Club (par 72, 6522 yards) in Wonju, Gangwon-do for three days from May 26th. This year’s tournament, the 11th, features Choi Hye-jin and Ryu So-yeon, who are active on the LPGA tour. Choi Hye-jin is a player who has won a total of 10 wins, including 2 amateur wins, on the KLPGA tour. Since 2018, she has won the grand prize three years in a row, and in 2019 she achieved a whopping five wins. In December 2021 she moved to the US.

In addition, Park Ji-young, who won the KLPGA tour prize money and grand prize points, Park Min-ji, the prize money king for the last two years in a row, and Jung Yun-ji, who won this tournament last year, will all participate. Kim Min-byeol and Hwang Yoo-min, who are currently ranked 1st and 2nd in points for the Rookie of the Year, also challenged for the championship. Choi Hye-jin competes in KLPGA Tour events for two consecutive weeks until her first week’s event, the Lotte Open, in June, while Ryu So-yeon meets Korean fans in a month following the Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championships in April. While no two-time winner has been announced yet, Jeong Yun-ji is aiming for a second consecutive victory. Kim Min-byeol and Hwang Yoo-min also run first and second in the Rookie of the Year category, challenging for the first rookie championship of the season.

The Charity Open is the 10th event on the KLPGA Tour this season. However, there is still not a single winner. Also, only this year, unknown players are making great strides. Park Ji-young, Lee Jung-min, Lee Ye-won, Lee Joo-mi, Choi Eun-woo, Lee Da-yeon, Park Bo-gyeom, Lim Jin-hee, and Seong Yu-jin, who won the previous tournament, will challenge 6 people, excluding Lee Da-yeon, Lim Jin-hee, and Seong Yu-jin, to preoccupy the second win of the season.

Among the players recommended for this tournament, Seong Eun-jung, who is the background, draws the attention of fans. Baek Eun-eun, born in 1985, who retired in 2014 and returned to active duty in 2021, will return to the regular competition seven months after the Hite Jinro Championship in October last year.

Meanwhile, Seong Yu-jin, who won the Doosan Match Play Championship last week, plans to go to the Lotte Open next week as the ‘defending champion’.

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