‘Morning Star Training Center’ Gangwon smiles at Lee Seung-won’s performance

At the 2023 Argentina Under-20 (U-20) World Cup, Seung-Won Lee (pictured) made a big success, and Gangwon FC, the professional soccer K League 1, is smiling. As for Gangwon, it is expected that Lee Seung-won will be able to be used as a future league rotation resource, while showing off its reputation as a ‘morning star training center’ again.메이저놀이터

Gangwon’s midfielder Lee Seung-won led the team to a 2-1 victory with one goal and one assist in the first match of the group stage against France, who were considered favorites to win the tournament. Lee Seung-won, who is also the captain of the U-20 national team, led by example with a lot of activity and played a leading role in the counterattack. In an interview with the Korea Football Association after the game on the 23rd, he recalled the opening goal scene and said, “I poured out all my strength and ran. (Kim) Yong-hak looked at me well and gave me the ball, so I was able to finish the one-on-one easily.”

Lee Seung-won started to attract attention by winning the best player award at the 2021 National High School Competition while he was in his third year at Deokyeong High School. He even received a direct offer to a professional team, but in October of that year, he had the misfortune of breaking his toe while participating in the National Sports Festival. He has been successful in rehab, but his professional career has been ruined.

Lee Seung-won went to Dankook University and aimed for his professional career. From his freshman year, he was deployed as a starting midfielder and appeared in 10 matches. He faithfully played the role of linking the air and defense with his vigorous activity, running at least 12 km per game, as well as his excellent passing ability.

The club that recognized Seung-Won Lee’s potential and recruited him early this year is Gangwon. Gangwon was so active that not only scouts but also former CEO Lee Young-pyo came to see Seung-won Lee play in person. Although he has not yet made his professional debut, Lee Seung-won’s participation in the U-20 national team has an overwhelming presence that affects his performance. Before the opening of the U-20 World Cup, Gangwon allowed Lee Seung-won to participate in the K4 League as Team B to maintain a sense of the game.

Following winger Yang Hyeon-jun, who won the K-League 1 Young Player Award last year, and midfielder Lee Seung-won, who showed their potential, Gangwon saw hope that they could build a thicker squad. Gangwon coach Choi Yong-soo is looking for an opportunity to utilize Lee Seung-won by placing him on the replacement list for matches against Gwangju FC and FC Seoul in April.

Gangwon is struggling with a lack of rotation resources due to injuries to key players in the recent 4 league matches (1 draw and 3 losses), falling to 11th place. Gangwon even brought striker Lee Jeong-hyeop back, who was in the process of rehabilitation after the lateral and posterior ligaments of his left knee were cut last March after a long period of sluggishness. I can’t help but be happy with Lee Seung-won’s performance.

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