“My child has royal DNA”… Ministry of Education secretary who reported homeroom teacher for child abuse

At the end of last year, it was revealed that the parent who reported a teacher at B elementary school in Sejong City for child abuse and even led to his removal from the position was identified as Mr. S, a 5th grade official from the Ministry of Education. It is known that Mr. S sent a letter to the replaced homeroom teacher, saying, ‘Because you are a child with the King’s DNA , speak as if you were talking to a prince’. The Ministry of Education decided to release the employee from his position and to launch an investigation.

The elementary teachers union explained that the parents sent the letter to the newly appointed homeroom teacher. In this letter, it was requested that “Never say anything that restrains you, such as ‘don’t do it, no'”, “Please take your side thoroughly when there is a conflict with your peers”, and “If you confine yourself to the burden of greeting well, your self-esteem will be severely damaged.” contains

It also included the content that “Because I am a child with the king’s DNA , I can understand everything even if I speak in a way that makes it sound good as if메이저사이트 I were talking to a prince.”

According to the Elementary Teachers Union on the 10th, Education Minister A reported child abuse to Mr. B, the homeroom teacher of his third-grade child in November of last year. Mr. B was immediately relieved of his position in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

According to the union, Mr. A threatened Mr. B that he could change her homeroom teacher using his position as a secretary of the Ministry of Education. In fact, she often called Mr. B late at night, and it is known that her child mentioned that her homeroom teacher was replaced due to her complaint when she was in second grade.

In May of this year, Mr. B was dismissed from the Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office as ‘no charges’ regarding child abuse. Mr. B received psychiatric counseling and took medication for depressive disorder, but returned to work around June.

The school held a teacher rights protection committee, judged Mr. A’s act as a clear infringement of teacher rights, and issued a written apology and a written oath to prevent recurrence.

It is known that the letter sent by Mr. A to Mr. B was used as evidence in the Committee for the Protection of Church Rights. The union said that five parents also submitted fact confirmation letters that gave strength to Mr. B.

However, the union added that Mr. A is not currently carrying out the disposition of the Commission for the Protection of Teaching Rights. In this regard, an official from the Ministry of Education said, “We have organized an investigation team and immediately launched an investigation.” “The official was transferred to the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education as of January 1st,” he said.

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