“My younger brother died after being stalked”… Bereaved family, photos released

The family of the victim who was murdered by a stalker called for severe punishment.

According to an online community on the 9th, the bereaved family of Mr. A, a stalking murder victim in his 30s, posted a post the day before with the title, ‘My younger brother died while suffering from stalking.’

The writer, known as Mr. A’s cousin, said, “The perpetrator was my younger sister’s ex-boyfriend, Mr. B. (The two) met by chance at a club, became lovers, and even worked at the same workplace through the introduction of my younger brother.”

She then added, “I met Mr. B on the premise of a secret relationship, but he said he wanted an open relationship at some point,” and added, “The harassment started when I asked to break up because my obsession and arguments increased.”

The author claimed that Mr. B, in his 30s, continued to contact Ms. A and assaulted her until her arms were bruised, eventually leading to a report, but he continued to be obsessed with her by posting photos taken during her lover’s days online and chasing her in his car. did.

He explained, “Her tired younger brother withdrew the complaint on the condition that Mr. B took down the photo and moved to another department, but the perpetrator came back,” and “My younger brother had to wear a smart watch every time.”

He complained, “Less than a month later, the police told me to return메이저사이트 my smartwatch if my movements did not overlap with the perpetrator, so I returned it voluntarily. Afterwards, I was stabbed to death on my way to work.”

The bereaved family said, “Ahead of the first trial, we were told that it was not a revenge killing,” and appealed for people to join the petition for severe punishment of the perpetrator, saying, “Please prepare practical measures to ensure that many victims of stalking crimes can be safe.”

The previous accident occurred at 5:54 am on July 17th in the hallway of an apartment in Namdong-gu, Incheon.

Mr. B killed Mr. A by stabbing him with her weapon, and in the process, Mr. A’s mother, who had been trying to stop her from committing the crime, suffered serious injuries to both of her hands from the weapon wielded by Mr. B.

Mr. B was investigated by the police on suspicion of committing dating violence against Mr. A last February before murdering Mr. A, and on charges of violating the stalking punishment law last June.

Afterwards, he received temporary measure orders No. 2 to 3 from the court, which stated, ‘ Do not approach within 100 meters of Mr. A and prohibit access using telecommunications.’

The police considered whether to apply the crime of revenge murder under the Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes Act, which carries a heavier penalty than murder under the Criminal Act, to Mr. B, but decided that it did not meet the requirements and maintained the murder charge.

The prosecution arrested and indicted Mr. B on charges of violating the law on the punishment of murder and stalking crimes.

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