Myongji University failed to lead the storm at the beginning of the season, the key is to improve defense

Can Myongji University achieve good results in the MBC Times? Improving defense is essential for this.

Myongji University changed rapidly after Kim Tae-jin took over as head coach. Although they did not make it to the playoffs, they grew little by little through their unique movements and strong teamwork. And this season is definitely seeing that pay off. They had a blast early in the season with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses in their first 6 games. The atmosphere at the beginning of the season was very good.

But since then it has been a problem. The second half started with a 3-game losing streak. I met Chosun University and hit a 50% win rate again, but Myongji University’s losing streak continued. Myongji University, which recorded 5 wins and 5 losses in the first 10 games, lost all the remaining 4 games. In other words, the regular season ended with 5 wins and 9 losses. It was very disappointing that we couldn’t continue the momentum from the beginning of the season.

In particular, injuries to players have been a hindrance to Myongji University. This is the reason Myongji University was unable to maintain its momentum at the beginning of the season. Also, Myongji University’s attack complied. Recorded at the league average level in various items, including average points. The problem was defense메이저사이트. It was the team that gave up the second most runs in the league, giving up 79.7 points per game. Average steals and average blocked shots both hovered around the bottom of the league.

Myongji University coach Kim Tae-jin was determined as much as he had a disappointing regular season. Coach Kim said, “Due to injuries to players during the season, we couldn’t continue our momentum to the end. At the same time, the organization of the defense collapsed. It’s too bad. But on MBC Bae, all but one will return. I want to keep the same atmosphere at the beginning of the season.”

The problem is the absence of director Kim. Coach Kim was appointed as the coach of the Summer Universiade and cannot play the MBC Cup with the team. However, director Kim said, “I have already talked about it. He may have regrets in running the game. But he knows all of the traditional basketball. He believes that the coach will take care of himself. He just needs to do what he has been doing in the past,” he said, showing little concern.

Meanwhile, Myongji University is in Group B along with Yonsei University, Kyunghee University, and Hanyang University. Yonsei University is a strong team representing the league. However, as the main players are selected for the Summer Universiade, they are unable to build a top-notch power. Kyunghee University and Hanyang University are also difficult, but it is worth trying. Attention is focusing on whether Myongji University will be able to shake off its regrets in the regular league on MBC.

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