Nam Tae-hyun, who took Philopon, said, “My body is broken and it’s not easy to walk… Is this hell?”

Singer Nam Tae-hyun, who was indicted without detention on charges of purchasing and taking Philopon, expressed his feelings through his YouTube channel. It has been just one day since she was handed over to trial on related charges.

On the 1st, Mr. Nam said, ‘I am Nam Tae-hyun’ through the YouTube channel he runs, ‘Channel Nam Tae-hyun.’ She uploaded a video titled ‘Her first story’.

In the video, Mr. Nam said, “I was famous at one time. I made good money. But not anymore. But not now. As you can see, I am just an ordinary person who no one recognizes me when I walk down the street.”

Mr. Nam said, “I was so foolish. I was so intoxicated by the glittering메이저사이트 fame that I felt like the world was mine. Wherever I went, I was welcomed, people around me always encouraged me, and I always spent time like the main character. I thought it would last forever.” did.

Mr. Nam went on to look back on the past month, saying, “I was full of pride, whether it was my youthful spirit or not,” and “That’s how my wings broke and I fell to the ground.”

In addition, Mr. Nam said, “Honestly, I’m at a loss. Where am I? Is it hell? I’m just lucky. I just did the same things that everyone else, if not a human, does. I was so lucky that I got to fly in that high sky for a while.” “He said.

In addition, Mr. Nam said, “My body is completely damaged, so it is not easy to even walk,” and “Even if I fall, I silently walk through the life in front of me.

Lastly, Mr. Nam said, “I am a singer. I like music. I am trying to start again with what I can do, one by one. To be honest, I am not confident. But I am also not greedy. I do what I can.” He added, “I can walk and run again, even if I fall.” “I’m going to stand up again and live like that. Even if it’s slow, it’s steady,” he added.

Nam Tae-hyun debuted as a member of the group Winner in 2014 and gained great popularity, but left the group in 2016. He later formed the band South Club.

Mr. Nam was indicted without detention on charges of taking Philopon together with Seo Min-jae, who appeared in Season 3 of Channel A’s ‘Heart Signal’, around August of last year. Mr. Nam is also suspected of taking Philopon alone in December of last year.

Last July, Mr. Nam was ordered to pay a summary fine of 6 million won on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act after causing a drunk driving accident in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

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