New Sorento released… 2.5L gasoline turbo, from KRW 35.06 million

Kia unveiled the new Sorento at the Walkerhill Aston House in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 17th. Kia will start selling the new Sorento in earnest from the 18th.After the release of the 4th generation model in 2020, Sorento has sold more than 60,000 units in Korea every year. 1 position in the mid-size sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) market for three consecutive years . The new Sorento is a 4th generation facelift (partial change) model.The new Sorento has a constellation lamp named ‘ Star- Map Signature Lighting ’, which forms a family look (unified design) with other Kia cars. On the side, the vertically arranged headlamps and rear lamps follow the character line to create harmony. The new design of the alloy wheel emphasizes the hard and refined feeling. Constellation lamps were also applied to the rear, and a solid image was completed with a wide rear skid plate in harmony with the lower bumper메이저놀이터.

The interior is equipped with a panoramic curved display that connects a 12.3-inch instrument panel and a 12.3-inch navigation like a single screen. Kia’s next-generation infotainment system ‘ ccNC’ was applied.Kia operates the Sorento with three powertrains (dynamometers): ▲2.5 liter (L) gasoline turbo ▲2.2 diesel ▲1.6 gasoline turbo hybrid. There are four trims: ▲Prestige ▲Noblesse ▲Signature ▲Gravity.

The price of Sorento is 35.06 million to 41.93 million won for the 2.5 gasoline turbo for each trim . The price of Hyundai Motor’s new Santa Fe, a competitive model, starts at 35.46 million won based on the 2.5 gasoline turbo. The price of the Sorento is 400,000 won cheaper than the Santa Fe based on the lowest trim. The price of the new Santa Fe is 35.46 million to 43.73 million won for each trim based on gasoline 2.5 turbo .

The price of the Sorento 2.2 diesel is 36.79 million to 43.66 million won, and the price of the 1.6 gasoline turbo hybrid 4WD (four-wheel drive) is 41.61 million to 48.31 million won. The price of a hybrid 2WD (two-wheel drive) model is 37.86 million to 44.55 million won after tax benefits for eco-friendly vehicles .

Sorento supports wireless software updates. Updates to major controllers can be performed wirelessly without requiring customers to visit service centers. Through the eHi-Pass function, users can pay toll road tolls without a physical Hi-Pass card. Advanced driver assistance systems such as forward collision avoidance assistance and highway driving assistance 2 ( HDA2 ) are applied.

The exterior color of Sorento is 5 types, adding 3 types: Volcanic Sand Brown, Cityscape Green, and Interstellar Gray. There are 3 interior colors with olive brown added.

“Sorrento has been loved by many customers for a long time as a representative mid-size SUV model in Korea,” said Kim Cheol-woong, head of Kia Domestic Product Team 2 . I wanted to give it a human image,” he said. “Considering the needs of key target customers for cutting-edge new technologies, we have standardized advanced connectivity features and significantly reinforced new ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) features,” he said.

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