Occupying two lanes with cargo larger than a car… “Driving beyond the line”

A truck running on a national highway with a load larger than a메이저사이트 car occupying a second lane has been caught and is causing public outrage.

<Oh! Click> The first search term is ‘truck chartered on the road’.

A car presumed to be a truck is running on the road with a cargo so huge that it blocks the first and second lanes.

The cars following the threatening sight are moving with reduced speed, unable to overtake.

This is a report video that was recently uploaded to an online community.

The informant was furious that the truck was blocking two lanes on the national highway during rush hour, when the traffic congestion was already severe, and that he was a driver who only thought about himself and did not think about the damage to others.

The loaded items seem to be fixed only with thin straps, and even that is not firmly fixed, so it is said that it continued to shake during operation.

Netizens showed reactions such as “I saw a running killer”, “I saw a nuisance driving that crossed the line, it felt like reporting it without any worries” and “If you get caught, you know it’s a punishment with a cotton bat.”

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