One is sick, the other is healthy… 503.2 billion duo, I ate but I can’t stand out

Stephen Strasburg (35) and Patrick Corbin (34) were once solid starting pitchers with the most promise in the league. Washington thought it could prepare for the future after Max Scherzer by securing the two players.

Strasburg, who received a big spotlight from the time of nomination, was growing up well under the management of the team. He achieved a double-digit multiplier (15 wins) for the first time in 2012, and from 2014 to 2019, he had a double-digit multiplier for six consecutive years and spent his prime. Corbin also won 14 wins in 2017 and 11 wins in 2018 while he was with Arizona. He wore a Washington uniform in 2019 and won 14 games his first year.

The two players, who also contributed to Washington’s World Series victory in 2019, signed large contracts side by side. When Corbin came to Washington in 2019, he signed a six-year contract for a total of $140 million (about 183 billion won), and Strasburg, who even won the splendid medal of World Series MVP in 2019, signed 245 million over seven years ahead of the 2020 season. It hit the jackpot of the dollar (approximately 320.2 billion won). Washington had no doubts that the two players would lead the team’s starting rotation.

But the results are the worst. Perhaps, there is even a possibility of becoming a ‘drinking duo’ that will remain in the history of the major leagues. One is Tal because she is too sick, and the other is Tal because, paradoxically, she is too healthy.

Strasburg was plagued with injuries as soon as he signed the contract. His injuries also varied, and he only pitched 31⅓ innings in eight games over three seasons from 2020 to 2022. His earned run average during this period is only 6.89. He couldn’t play often because he was sick, and his pitching quality was poor. The more problematic thing is that there is no guarantee that he will run healthy in the future. Strasburg, now in his mid-30s, has yet to pitch this year. it’s because of the injury

Corbyn is healthy. He has never been particularly ill. Rather, that is the problem. Corbyn has started 76 games from 2020 to this year, recording the worst record of 18-44 with a 5.88 ERA. However, since this high-paid person is not sick, it is becoming a situation where there is no choice but to keep sending him to the game. Washington, which went into rebuilding, is now in the stage of giving up. His earned run average in his first three games of the year was just 7.71.

Strasburg has $140 million over four years and Corbyn has a minimum of $59 million over two years remaining in promised payments. It is Washington who failed to recover the principal from them at the age when they were in their prime. It’s common to expect things to get tougher in the future.

It is also difficult to trade.메이저사이트 There is no team to take on the injured ward Strasburg. Here, Strasburg has been active in the major leagues for more than 10 years, and more than 5 years of them in one team. With the so-called ’10-5′ clause, he even obtained the right to refuse trades with former clubs. No club would pay Corbyn the $59 million he has left for this record. This is why Washington’s sighs deepen.

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