Only 6 months rent is 18.5 billion won… Excluding ‘fourth consecutive’ selection under the last performance supervision

 It’s the 4th game since I was pushed from the selection before I knew it. Joao Felix, whom Chelsea hope to sign permanently, is struggling under interim manager Frank Lampard.

Felix is ​​a loan student brought in by Chelsea pouring a huge amount of money into it. In order to give Felix a chance at Atletico Madrid compared to his talent, he chose to sign on a short-term loan for half a year last winter. Felix is ​​called the second Ronaldo, so his ransom is considerable. His rent also reached 11 million pounds (approximately 18.5 billion won) for six months.

Felix started his Chelsea career with high expectations, but now he’s in a pretty shabby situation. He played 12 matches in the English Premier League, scoring only two goals, and the UEFA Champions League finished goalless. He has the ability to shake up opposition defenses, but he lacks the scoring instinct Chelsea need right now.

Now that coach Lampard is a firefighter, he spends more time on the bench. Felix has not started for the fourth time since the first leg against Real Madrid last month. In the previous game against Arsenal, he could not enter even as a substitute in the second half.먹튀검증

It means a lot to be turned away from coach Lampard, who is in a hurry to score. Lampard is leading the team until Chelsea find a formal command tower. He would have wanted to save Chelsea and get a formal selection, but he shows the limits of his leadership ability. Currently, coach Lampard shows a distance from the Premier League level by recording 6 losses in 6 matches.

Even with such a director, Felix was not trusted. Rather, coach Lampard said, “Felix is ​​very noticeable in training. But he needs to think and move clearly without the ball. Felix doesn’t say where he wants to play. advised.

Chelsea’s strong will to fully sign Felix for a while seems to have broken down a lot. Now, the weight is being put on the return of Atletico loan.

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