Only “Champions advancing team” Tottenham 4th → Only Nagels has the Spanish talent he wants

There is a reason why Tottenham Hotspur must finish 4th in an all-out battle for the rest of the season. It is to embrace coach Julian Nagelsmann (35) and Dani Olmo (24, RB Leipzig).

Tottenham are struggling to find a new head coach. While everyone is reluctant, at least they have hope for Nagelsmann. The condition for Nagelsmann’s appointment is to take the baton after the end of this season and exercise the right to recruit players. In particular, if you can bring in a player who fits your style, it is worth taking on the extreme job of coaching Tottenham.

In the midst of this, good news flew to Tottenham. Olmo, whom we’ve been eyeing for years, could be on the market this summer.

German Sky Sports reported on the 26th that “Leipzig made a final offer to renew the contract with Olmo.” Olmo joined Leipzig in January 2020 after playing for Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia. He is slowly proving his worth. He has scored 4 goals and 6 assists in 25 official appearances this season. The attacking midfielder is the main position and can play right, left, and center. It is a Spanish talent that has been mentioned as a successor to Son Heung-min at Tottenham several times in the past.

According to the media, Olmo’s contract expires in June 2024. Discussions continue for a contract extension with Leipzig, but he still has not reached an agreement. Move is a hot topic.

Leipzig do not want a free transfer of Olmo next summer as the renewal of the contract has failed. Accordingly, the club presented the highest salary condition within the team. If he refuses, he will move for sale in the transfer market this summer. A transfer fee of 30 million euros (44 billion won) was set.

Whether or not Olmo’s contract is renewed is not just a matter of money. He is interested in competing (on the big stage). It is important to qualify for the Champions League next season. Leipzig are currently 5th in the Bundesliga. At this rank, it was predicted that it would be difficult to stamp a new contract.

Tottenham has one clear motivation.먹튀검증 Tottenham are currently 6th in the Premier League. They are six points behind fourth-placed Manchester United. Two more games were played, and it was the last two losses in a row, including a 1-6 loss against Newcastle United on the 23rd. Chairman Daniel Levy promised a turnaround against Manchester United on the 28th, such as announcing refunds for Newcastle match tickets to disappointed fans. If you miss this match, you face the worst. It is difficult to recruit not only Nagelsmann but also the players he wants.

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