Passenger drowns after being pushed by flight attendant for arriving late… Greece ‘shocked’

In Greece, there is public outrage after a flight attendant pushed a passenger who tried to board a passenger ship late and drowned.

On the 5th, a man, a passenger on a ferry, arrived late at Piereps, a port 메이저사이트southwest of Athens, the capital of Greece, and tried to board the ship through the ramp.

Then a crew member pushes him away, and the man falls into the sea. But no one rescues him and the ship sails away.

The Coast Guard arrived, but he was already dead. Ultimately, the captain and three crew members were arrested and detained.

It turned out that this passenger had a ferry ticket, and it was discovered that he was trying to get off the ship and then get back on board. Greece’s Minister of Maritime Affairs condemned this crime, saying there was no room for it to be murder.

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