‘PBA Founding Contributor’ Kudron “I’m leaving”…The club didn’t deny it either

Frederick Kudron (Welcome Savings Bank, Belgium), who has been with the world’s 3-cushion ‘Four Kings’ and has been with the launch of the professional billiard PBA in the first year, delivered a meaningful greeting. 

On the 15th, Kudron posted on his SNS account, “FOR MANY REASONS, I DECIDED TO END MY STAY HERE. MY PAGE WILL BE INACTIVE FOR SOME TIME. THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED ME” I have decided. My (SNS) page will be inactive for a while. Thank you to everyone who supported me)”, he posted a short post.

This is a message that came up one day after the PBA Steering Committee’s ‘caution’ action was taken.  

It is a very meaningful and ambiguous phrase. At first glance, it seems like a farewell to end one’s stay in Korea. However, it is unclear whether it means to organize all life at PBA and return to Belgium, or simply to close the social media page. 

Previously, on the 10th, a civilian male, A, who claimed to be the manager and photographer of Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort, Cambodia), the LPBA winner at the time of the second professional billiards tour, ‘Silk Road & Ansan PBA-LPBA Championship’, entered the press room without permission. An intrusion occurred. 

At the time of the photo shoot, Mr. A, who was furious due to some misunderstandings, had an argument with Kudron, the winner of the men’s division at the time, and was subsequently banned from entering the venue permanently by the PBA management committee. Kudron, who refused an official interview, and Throng, who stood at the center of the incident, were each given a ‘caution’. 

After meeting with the agency, Throng admitted through an apology, saying, “It is true that I had feelings of regret for Kudron.” 

This caused a war of words among PBA fans for a while. In particular, the rumors between Kudron’s fans and Throng’s fans were serious. In the midst of this, Kudron posted posts such as “People made me a racist (because I didn’t stand close to Throng during the photo shoot),” and posted a post that made some fans assume that he had received a ‘terror of hate comments’. 

Called the world’s 3-cushion ‘four kings’ and active as a living legend in the billiards world, Kudron has been with the professional billiards PBA since its launch in the 2019-20 season. He is currently the leader of Welcome Savings Bank, and his professional turn at the time gave a great boost to the formation of the domestic PBA fan base. 

The unexpected farewell of Kudron, who is no 메이저놀이터different from a ‘founding contributor’, leaves many regrets. Neither the PBA nor even the club (Welcome Savings Bank) could be his strong fence. 

If you read the answers from the Welcome Savings Bank team, the fact that you are leaving Korea is a little more empowering. It is an ambiguous expression, and it is said that it is not possible to turn the ‘circuit of hope’ just like that. 

On the 15th, the official account of Welcome Savings Bank in the reply under the comment left by the club fan on social media said, “The talk of leaving is not because of this incident or punishment.” I guess,” he replied.

In addition, in another answer, he wrote, “As I said above, it seems that the player personally decided due to various issues.”

Even when I saw it through the official answer of the club, I do not deny the fact that I am already ‘leaving’. It’s just that it hasn’t been officially announced yet whether they caught it or not. 

Some say that Kudron, whose contract with Kimchi Billiard was terminated on June 1, made up his mind to leave early due to a failure to negotiate a contract with the club. As a result of this magazine’s coverage, the contract with the club was completed just before entering the 2nd tour ‘Silk Road & Ansan PBA Championship’. 

However, the details of the contract were not disclosed, and there is a possibility that the manager impersonation incident has fueled the conflict between Kudron and his dissatisfaction with the contract renewal terms.   

Leaving everything aside, while Throng held an interview with the help of his agency, held a fan meeting at Blue One Resort on the 12th after the incident, and posted an apology two days later that clearly appeared to be a ghostwriting, I had to make my own statement. He couldn’t find help anywhere to the extent that he revealed that he had to search and find the circumstantial photos on the day of the incident as well. 

He tried to hear the official position of Kudron by contacting the club, but could not receive any reply.

Meanwhile, the professional billiards PBA will hold the 3rd tour ‘Hana Card PBA-LPBA Championship’ at KINTEX Stadium in Ilsan from the 20th to the 28th. 

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