PL 0 goal ‘Man Utd fool striker’, is popular despite the best sluggishness… Exit from OT → ‘Love Call’

The striker, who was expected to join Manchester United this season, has a higher chance of playing in the Premier League next season despite his poor performance. 

British media Daily Mail reported on the 5th (Korean time) that “Everton is interested in signing Boot Behorst, who played for Manchester United.” 

Behorst is a striker who played for FC Ammon, Hercules Almelo, AZ Alkmaar, Wolfsburg and Burnley. In the 2020/21 season, while at Wolfsburg, he finished fourth in the Bundesliga in scoring, ranking next to Roberto Lewandowski, Andre Silva and Erling Haaland, drawing attention from many European clubs. 

He transferred to Burnley and played on the Premier League stage, but had to leave on loan as Burnley were relegated. Since then, Behorst, who played for Besiktas in the Turkiye League, received a love call from Manchester United in January and left for Manchester United on loan. 

Behorst was expected to fill Manchester United’s front line after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, but the reality was not so. Behorst played in 17 league games after transferring to Manchester United, but could not find a threat by recording only one assist without scoring.

In the FA Cup final against Man City held on the 4th, he was put in in the middle of the second half and got a chance to make up for his sluggishness in one shot, but there was no goal either.

Rather, only the nickname ‘fool’ he heard from Lionel Messi during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar became a hot topic, and he became a ‘stupid striker’ who finished his Manchester United rental scoreless in the league. 

However, despite his sluggish performance, there are clubs that reach out to him among the Premier League clubs, and there is a chance to see Behorst in the Premier League next season.

The Daily Mail said: “Everton are interested in signing Behorst from Burnley this summer. Unfortunately, Behorst’s time at Manchester United appears to be at an end. Some say he has failed to score in the league since joining United and hopes for United will come to an end. I explained that I couldn’t live up to the standard.” 

“Everton will also look to sign Tammy Abraham along with Behorst, and they have scored the second fewest goals in the league this season.” 안전놀이터

In fact, Everton suffered serious emptiness this season as key attacking resources such as Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Neil Muffay overlapped with injuries and sluggishness. The league score was also 34 points, and only Wolverhampton (31 points) scored less than Everton. 

Meanwhile, the media revealed that Man Utd, where Behorst was on loan, had no plans to sign Behorst. It is rare to play in a red uniform at Old Trafford (OT). The Daily Mail explained Manchester United’s plans: “Man United know they are not obligated to sign Behorst and will be looking for a new front-line striker.” 

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