‘PL 4 team love call’ → I know the Spanish masters… The value of Lee Kang-in, who will be the ‘transfer of the century’

Spanish masters recognized the value of Lee Kang-in, who had been active on the Spanish stage since childhood. 

Lee Kang-in is one of the midfielders who will receive the most attention in the summer transfer market. Lee Kang-in, who showed clear growth in Mallorca this season, has established himself as a representative playmaker in La Liga. He has become indispensable to Mallorca with his unrivaled performance in each game. 

Lee Kang-in’s performance had no choice but to attract major clubs in Europe. 

From last winter to the present, Premier League Brighton, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Burnley, etc., as well as Atletico Madrid, one of the three prestigious La Liga clubs, and Ajax, the top club in the Netherlands, have shown interest in signing him.

In particular, Spanish coaches recognized Lee Kang-in’s value, ability, and potential at once. Several Spanish coaches, including Aston Villa coach Unai Emery, Wolverhampton coach Julen Lopetegi, and Atletico coach Diego Simeone, have wanted Lee Kang-in more than any other coach. 

Among them, according to a recent report, coach Emery paid attention to Lee Kang-in’s performance, and it was even reported that he became a fan of Lee Kang-in.

After taking office in November last year, coach Emery is a master coach who has raised Aston Villa, who are in the relegation zone, to the level of the UEFA club competition.

Atlético Madrid’s long courtship of Lee Kang-in, led by Argentinian coach Simeone for 12 years, is no longer a new story.

Since Lee Kang-in has been active in Spain since childhood through the Valencia youth team and now Mallorca, and has experienced the tactics of La Liga coaches, it is highly likely that he was evaluated as a player suitable for the tactical style pursued by Spanish coaches. 

The Spanish coach’s love for Lee Kang-in was not limited to this transfer market. 

Coach Jose Bordalas, who coached Lee Kang-in in the past at Valencia, also took notice of Lee Kang-in and criticized Valencia for releasing Lee Kang-in.

Coach Javier Aguirre, who has been using Lee Kang-in a lot this season in Mallorca, is also from Mexico, who speaks Spanish, and is a commanding tower with a lot of bones in La Liga, where he went through Osasuna, Atletico, and Espanyol.

Recently, the leadership of Spanish and other Latino coaches in the European soccer world is igniting again. Even if Lee Kang-in goes to the Premier League, there is a high possibility that he will grow rapidly under their guidance.먹튀검증

Spanish media Lelebo reported on the 22nd (Korean time) that “4 teams, including Aston Villa, Wolverhampton, Newcastle and Burnley, will compete for Lee Kang-in this summer,” and mentioned that Lee Kang-in’s entry into the Premier League was approaching.

Among them, Aston Villa as well as Wolverhampton are led by Spanish coach Hulen Lopetegui. Burnley is a team led by coach Vincent Kompany, who was influenced by the famous Spanish coach Pep Guardiola.

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