Prescribing ‘vitamins’ to patients with brain disease… Suspicion of ‘kickback’ by university hospital residents

Suspicion arose that residents at a university hospital overprescribed unnecessary vitamins to hundreds of patients and received kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. This is like prescribing 1.5 million won worth of vitamins to a patient with a cerebral hemorrhage. Nevertheless, the police dismissed the charges.

First, reporter Ansu Kim reports.


This is Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital, which has over 600 beds.

Last May, Nowon Public Health Center sent an official letter to this hospital.

It was said that three years ago, the hospital overprescribed non-covered vitamins to patients with cerebral hemorrhage.

The hospital returned the entire cost of 1.5 million won to the complainant, saying there were shortcomings.

[Civilian: I received a refund for damage compensation and overcharge.]

But this was not all.

At the time, the professor in charge of the hospital sent a response to the public health center stating, “Residents received kickbacks from vitamin pharmaceutical companies and overprescribed drugs.”

He also said, “I did it without my knowledge.”

[Nowon Public Health Center official: He said, ‘I feel so unfair.’]

I also wrote down specific methods.

Over the course of one year, four 메이저사이트medical residents overprescribed vitamins worth 230 million won to over 400 patients.

It was also said that vitamin prescriptions costing millions of won were mostly for diseases that had little to do with vitamins, such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, and spinal disc disease.

The professor in question isIn response to JTBC ‘s question, he said, “It is true that I sent it,” but did not provide any other explanation.

Sanggye Paik Hospital announced that it held its own integrity advisory committee twice and requested a police investigation, but was cleared of charges.

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