‘Return to Barcelona-Stay at PSG?’ Soccer god’s next destination ‘probability revealed’

The probability of the new destination of soccer has been revealed.

On the 15th, ‘score90’, a soccer content production company, disclosed the probability of Messi’s next destination using information from the betting site ‘Bet 365’.

With 40%, Messi’s odds for Barcelona were the highest. Paris Saint-Germain’s retention was expected at 28%.

Messi left Barcelona for PSG in August 2021. As his contract expires at the end of this season, transfer rumors are receiving a lot of attention.

PSG wants a contract extension with Messi. Negotiations were initiated for this purpose. Talks were held with Messi’s father, but it was reported that an agreement could not be reached.

Recently, the negotiating table was set up again, but it was reported that the contract extension discussions were stopped after hearing that the salary had to be cut due to the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rule of the European Football Federation (UEFA), which requires spending only as much as the team’s income.

However, it is known that Kylian Mbappe wants Messi to stay and negotiations are set to resume.

For Messi, his home team, Barcelona, ​​is active. It is said that the chairman is pushing for a reunion with the determination to relieve the burden of the heart while parting.

Barcelona met Messi’s father, who is acting as an agent, but he is said to have not made an official offer, so it is a situation to be seen.

Oil money is also active in recruiting Messi.토토사이트 Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal is paying a lot of attention. It is analyzed that he was stimulated by the moves of rival team Al Nasr.

Al Nasr signed superstar Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of this season and is enjoying the effects.

Al-Hilal gnashed his teeth to serve Messi. He is known to ignite his will to pay the world’s highest annual salary, which is higher than that of Ronaldo.

Messi’s transfer to Al-Hilal was priced at 15%, and his advance to the American stage through Inter Miami recorded 7%. In addition, Manchester City 4% and Newcastle United 2%.

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