Season High Scorer’ Seo Myung-jin adds vitality to Hyundai Mobis

Seo Myung-jin showed off his best appearance this season.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis met Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular season game held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 22nd and won 93-86.

Seo Myung-jin (187cm, G) debuted in the 2018-2019 season. Since his debut season, he has grown with a lot of expectations and interest. In particular, in the 2020-2021 season, he recorded an average of 8.3 points and showed clear growth. And in the following season, Seo Myung-jin’s average score went up even more. He posted a double-digit scoring average for the first time in his career.

However, ahead of this season, Seo Myung-jin faced a big change. Coach Yoo Jae-hak, who was previously the head coach, has left. And with the recruitment of Ronjay Avarientos (181cm, G), Seo Myung-jin’s performance has also changed. As a result, the activity of Seo Myung-jin naturally decreased.

He used to be a regular starter, but this season he has started more often from the bench. And while he originally played the main handler role, this season he tended to focus more on scoring. However, it was disappointing that they continued to show ups and downs in the first half.

Seo Myung-jin scored only 2 points and 3 assists in the first game of the second half. However, he led the team’s quick attack with an important pass in the third quarter, which helped the team win.

And on this day, Seo Myung-jin showed off a hot shot. He was rather quiet in the first quarter. He came out as a starter, but scored only 3 points. He made only 1 of 4 shots attempted.

But the second quarter was different. 안전놀이터 He drove in 8 runs alone. The field goal success rate was also sharp at 75% (3/4). In particular, he changed the flow of the game through consecutive 3-pointers in the middle of the quarter. He made a 3-point shot with 3:16 left in the 2nd quarter. made a tie And 19 seconds later, he added another 3-point shot and even made a comeback. It was two 3-pointers that changed the course of the game. So, Seo Myung-jin recorded 11 points and 3 assists in the first half.

Even in the 3rd quarter, Seo Myung-jin continued his performance. After finding an empty Jang Jae-seok (204cm, C) in the first attack, he delivered an accurate pass. In the subsequent attack, the offensive rebound was successful. He again helped to score by passing to Jang Jae-seok, who was empty. He raised the team atmosphere with two assists. Thanks to Seo Myung-jin’s performance, Hyundai Mobis made 55-47.

After that, he gave up the atmosphere by conceding consecutive runs. Accordingly, Hyundai Mobis also applied for operation time. The player responsible for scoring the first goal was Seo Myung-jin. He received a pass from Lee Woo-seok (196cm, G) and made a 3-point shot. It was a perfect operation. Hyundai Mobis, who added the performance of other players to Seo Myung-jin’s performance, continued the close match.

Seo Myung-jin’s performance continued in the 4th quarter. He raised his hand to score the first point of the quarter. Although he stepped on the 3-point line and made a 2-point shot, it was a goal that raised the mood of the team. Afterwards, he succeeded in playing Gage Prim (205cm, C) and alley-oop, making it 75-71.

Hyundai Mobis lost consecutive points. However, Seo Myung-jin attempted to break through at 4 minutes and 58 seconds from the start of the 4th quarter. Although he lost his balance, he maintained his concentration until the end and scored a difficult goal. With this score, Hyundai Mobis turned around again.

With Seo Myung-jin’s performance, Hyundai Mobis set the mood. Afterwards, Prim scored a free throw, and Ham Ji-hoon (198cm, F) scored a quick break. After that, the player responsible was Ron Jay Avarientos (181cm, G). I scored 7 points alone and with this score, I definitely spread the score.

Seo Myung-jin later won a free throw due to the opponent’s foul operation, and calmly succeeded and led the team to victory.

It was a regrettable first half for Seo Myung-jin. However, he scored 24 points, a season high, in the match. He also recorded 4 assists and showed a performance that lived up to expectations. Will Seo Myeong-jin be able to continue this momentum and grow steadily? If possible, Hyundai Mobis will become stronger.

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