‘Shillim-dong knife fighting’ A woman pushed with her bare hands… A man who was attacked was saved

One person died and three others were injured in an 카지노사이트unanswered weapon riot near Sillim Station in Seoul.

On the 22nd, MBC News released some videos of the suspect Jomo (33) attacking the victims at the time of the murder with a knife at Sillim Station.

In the video, a scene was captured in which Mr. Cho attacked a man from behind who was walking with a woman in a white top and bottom. The man who was attacked is wearing slippers over her short-sleeved shirt.

The suspect walking from the other side suddenly turns around and attacks the man with a weapon. After the attacked man is knocked down, when Mr. Cho approaches to attack again, the woman with him pushes him away with both arms. As a result, when Mr. Cho fell to the floor, the two ran away from the scene. Mr. Cho seems to stop after trying to chase them.

Cho was arrested on charges of killing a man in his 20s and injuring three other men by wielding a weapon in an alley near Exit 4 of Sillim Station, Gwanak-gu, Seoul at around 2:07 pm on the 21st. One of the three injured is said to be in critical condition.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, Seoul Central District Court Judge So Joon-seop, who is in charge of the warrant, issued an arrest warrant after interrogating the suspect before arresting Mr. Cho, who is suspected of murder. Judge So revealed the reason for the issuance, saying, “There is a fear of running away.”

At the time of the incident, the police were dispatched after receiving a report that “someone was stabbing someone near Exit 4 of Sillim Station and running away,” and arrested Mr. Cho at the scene at around 2:13 pm on the same day.

Cho, a Korean national, was investigated as having three criminal records, including assault in the past. In addition, it was found that there were 14 cases of investigation records sent to the juvenile department.

It was investigated that he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crime. The police also conducted a drug test, but the simple reagent test result came out negative. A detailed examination has been requested to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

During the police investigation, Mr. Cho stated that he had taken the narcotic pain reliever ‘fentanyl’, but later reversed it.

Regarding the motive for the crime, Mr. Cho said, “I live an unhappy life, but I wanted to make others unhappy, and I committed the crime out of anger.”

Regarding the reason why he chose the alley near Sillim Station as the place of the crime, he stated to the effect that he knew that it was a crowded place because he had visited several times to drink with friends before.

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