Shin Shin-rim returns to prosecution after four days… Consideration for request for arrest warrant

Shin Shin-lim, former chairman of the media union, who is suspected of ‘false interviews’ during the last presidential election, appeared before the prosecution again four days after being investigated as a suspect.

Former Chairman Shin, who repeatedly denied her allegations, acknowledged that he had been in contact with Kim Man-bae several times since the interview, and prosecutors are considering requesting an arrest warrant.

This is reporter Kim Hye-rin’s report.

On the 7th, Shin Shin-lim, former chairman of the media union, who was investigated as a suspect for breach of trust, appeared again at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office four days later.

On the 1st, I came to observe the forensic process of confiscated items, including my cell phone, confiscated by the prosecution.

The prosecution, which has formed a special investigation team, is speeding up the investigation of key suspects, but

former Chairman Shin has repeatedly denied allegations of collusion that he maintained a close relationship with Kim Man-bae, the majority shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu, even before the interview in September the year before last.

[Shin Hak-rim / Former Press Union Chairman: I have never been to the Hwacheon Dayu office before September 15th, so if you keep writing like that, you will be playing to the prosecution’s reports and what the prosecution is leaking… .”

However, he did not deny the fact that he communicated with Mr. Kim several times after recording the conversation.

He said that he visited the Hwacheon Dayu office with Mr. Kim메이저놀이터 and tried to contact him through a Hwacheon Dayu official whom he had been introduced to at the time Mr. Kim was arrested to confirm whether it was okay to report the interview.

[Shin Hak-rim / Former Press Union Chairman: (To Kim Man-bae) I’m sorry because I secretly recorded it without permission. “That’s why I went because I was wondering if there was a channel through which I could inquire about my health status and deliver a short message.”

However, the prosecution obtained not only the messages exchanged between former Chairman Shin and Mr. Kim at the time, but also the circumstances of the two people’s prior contact before the interview. It has been passed down.

The prosecution’s judgment is that there is no way that Saddam, who met for the first time in almost 20 years, would make any intentional comments, such as President Yoon Seok-yeol, suspicions about tampering with the investigation, or talking about coffee.

In addition, we also analyzed the actual Busan Savings Bank investigation records to prove that the suspicion that Daejang-dong loan broker Jo Woo-hyung evaded the prosecution’s Busan Savings Bank investigation network in 2011 was false from the beginning.

In addition, attention is being paid to the possibility that former Chairman Shin, who adamantly denies the charges, may start a ‘squat’ with Mr. Kim, who was released on the 7th.

Accordingly, the prospect that the prosecution will soon request arrest warrants for former Chairman Shin and Mr. Kim as soon as the analysis of evidence to prove the collusion relationship between the two is completed is completed.

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