Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!’ Hyungyu Oh, stirred right after being put in… Confidence + skill growing ↑

 Hyungyu Oh (22, Celtic) showed outstanding performance in a short period of time.

Oh Hyun-gyu showed off his presence with a threatening move by putting in the 29th minute of the second half of the 2022-2023 Scottish Premiership round 30 match against Ross County held at Victoria Park in Scotland on the 2nd at 8:00 pm (Korean time). The team won 2-0. 

Recently, Oh Hyun-gyu has a busy schedule. In the two consecutive A-matches held in Korea at the end of March, all of them were substitutes in the second half. Oh Hyeon-gyu, who returned to Celtic after a long flight, had no time to rest. On this day, he was substituted in the middle of the second half and hit the ground. 

Oh Hyun-gyu showed off his ‘crazy presence’ as soon as he was put in. 

Oh Hyun-gyu, who sortied in the 29th minute of the second half, fired a threatening shot in the first minute. With Celtic leading 1-0, he stormed the left side of the box and fired a shot right in front of the goalkeeper. His tenacity to finish even while sliding stood out. When the shot bounced once, Oh Hyun-gyu took another shot. However, the goal and the kite did not touch.

Oh Hyun-kyu’s performance continued. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Oh Hyun-kyu, who received a kick from Celtic goalkeeper Johart near the half-line, peeled off one of the defenders with his back and quickly drove the ball to the right side of the box.메이저놀이터 Oh Hyeon-gyu, who once again beat the two defenders at high speed, saw the opposite goal post and shot. With a difference of a piece of paper, the ball headed to the side of the goal.

Although there was no score, Oh Hyun-kyu took out the Ross County soul as soon as he entered and completely turned off their pursuit power. Celtic finished the game with a 2-0 victory, even with Bernabey scoring in extra time in the second half.

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