Shortness of breath after opening a parcel from Taiwan… “Assumed to contain gas”

A mail suspected of containing poison was delivered to a welfare facility for the disabled, and the police launched an investigation. 

It was said that it came from Taiwan, but the moment the package was opened, three employees complained of difficulty breathing. 

This is reporter Jo Hyun-jin. 

Firefighters rummage through the office trash and pull out two small yellow envelopes.

Chinese is written on the outside, and the inside is empty카지노사이트.  

At around 12:30 noon, three employees of the welfare facility for the disabled opened the mail and complained of dizziness and shortness of breath.

The 119 paramedics who were dispatched after receiving the report transported him to the hospital, but there is no life-threatening condition. 

Police and fire authorities sealed off the entrance to the welfare facility as there was a possibility of poisoning, and separated 50 inmates.

[Police officials]
“We wrote down the personal information of all the people who entered here. Because we have to track all these people in case they become infected…”

This mail from Taiwan was delivered in the form of a yellow envelope, and was double-wrapped with paper on the outside and plastic on the inside.

One contained cosmetics and the other contained nothing. 

Authorities estimate that the envelope contained a colorless and odorless gas. 

However, no bioterrorist substances were identified in the simple test.  

While taking samples from three victims, mail was sent to the Defense Science Research Institute for analysis.  

Police are investigating mail delivery routes and tracing who sent it. 

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