Smart, who did not give up even after 1 win and 3 losses, “It’s difficult, but we just have to win one game at a time”

Smart left words of encouragement to his teammates and fans.

The Boston Celtics won 116-99 against the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the 2022-2023 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals held at the Kaseya Center on the 24th (hereinafter Korean time). He won his first victory in the conference finals, sparking a counterattack.먹튀검증

Even in the first half, Boston was pushed back. Al Horford (206cm, FC) started the game with a 3-point shot. In addition, Derrick White (193cm, G) and Jaylen Brown (198cm, GF) scored to lead 10-4. However, Jimmy Butler (201cm, F) could not control the score and allowed a turnaround. They couldn’t catch the flow in the second quarter and finished the first half with a score of 56-50.

But in the third quarter, Boston managed to turn around. It was because Jayson Tatum (203cm, F), who only scored 8 points in the first half, exploded. Tatum scored both inside and outside and scored 14 points only in the third quarter. Boston, which added a strong defense to it, succeeded in 18-0 runs and brought the atmosphere. After that, I kept the remaining time and won the game.

The victory in the match brought the series record to 1 win and 3 losses. We’ve won, but it’s still not easy. However, Boston’s ‘vocal leader’ Marcus Smart (193cm, G) did not give up. Smart said in an interview with ‘NBC Sports’, “We just need to win one game at a time. That’s all. I know it’s a tough situation. But we have to trust each other and move forward. The important thing is the next game,” he said.

Never in the history of the NBA has it been overturned in a series 0-3 situation. Boston took Game 4 in a 0-3 situation and took the game to Game 5. Can Boston win all the remaining games and make a new history? Boston will return to its home, TD Garden, on the 26th and play the 5th game against Miami.

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