‘Super Villain’ Green deliberately stepped on the opponent, but was allowed to participate in the 3rd game?… 2nd loss GSW is ‘relief’

Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors), who is called the NBA’s ‘supervillain’, is expected to avoid suspension.

On the 18th (Korean time), in the 2nd game of the 1st round of the 2022-2023 NBA Playoffs Western Conference with the Sacramento Kings, Green committed a senseless act of deliberately kicking the stomach of Kings Domantas Sabonis.

In response, the referee ejected Green, and Golden State lost again.

But something odd is about to happen.

Basketball fans expect Green to be suspended for Game 3, of course.

However, the NBA bureau will only impose a fine instead of a suspension, said Shams Sharania of The Athletic on the 19th.

If Green misses Game 3 and loses, the series effectively ends with a complete win for the Kings. This is because it is impossible to reverse after 3 consecutive losses.

He has been able to breathe for Golden State.

However, some media point out that it is questionable whether the NBA would have made the same decision even if Green did not belong to Golden State, the winning team last season.

Green also punched his teammate Jordan Poole in team training before the season.

Meanwhile, Shaquille O’Neal defended Green. O’Neill claimed, “I would have done it had I been in that situation.”토토사이트

A Golden State broadcaster also defended Green, saying, “It couldn’t have been helped.”At that time, Sabonis grabbed Green’s leg as he fell. In response, Green had no choice but to use his feet to fend off Savonis.

Even so, basketball experts say that Green’s kicking Sabonis in the stomach cannot be justified.

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