Suwon coach resigns, now eyes are on Jeonbuk… Tension ahead of Jeju expedition

Jeonbuk Hyundai is leaving for an expedition to Jeju amid tension.

Jeonbuk will play an away match against Jeju United at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 23rd at 4:30 pm in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 8.

Currently, Jeonbuk (7 points) is 9th out of 12 teams with 2 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses. It is 11 points behind the opponent and first place Ulsan Hyundai (18 points). It is only one point ahead of Daegu FC (6 points), which is in the 10th place in the relegation zone. The majesty that made the opposing team tremble, such as 5 consecutive defeats in the K-League, has disappeared.

In the last round, they lost to Suwon FC and took their 4th loss of the season. Over the past five years, Jeonbuk has minimized losses. When I was little, I only lost three times a year. Last season, when they failed to win, they suffered only 7 defeats. On the other hand, they lost 4 times in 7 games this season.

It is natural for fans to be dissatisfied. Jeonbuk fans are demanding the resignation of CEO Heo Byung-gil and manager Kim Sang-shik during home games. While refusing to cheer for the team, he blocked the club bus and demanded a conversation.

Suwon Samsung (2 points), which is struggling as much as Jeonbuk, recently made a decision to replace the head coach. Suwon Samsung is at the bottom with a winless streak of 7 matches (2 draws and 5 losses) since the opening. After the last defeat in Jeju, coach Lee Byeong-geun was fired for poor performance. In a situation where they were side by side in a crisis, they took out their swords first.

As Suwon Samsung makes its decision, its eyes naturally turn to Jeonbuk. Coincidentally, the opponent this time is Jeju, which became the decisive blow for coach Lee Byeong-geun. Jeju (8 points) also fell short of expectations at the beginning of this season. Suffering from a continuous draw, they recently jumped to 7th place with two consecutive wins in the league.

It is both a crisis and an opportunity for Jeonbuk. As the difference between Jeju and Jeju is only one point, if they win away, they can lay the foundation for a rebound. Conversely, if they lose to Jeju, which is still unsatisfactory, they will be pushed to the edge of the cliff.

The game on this day shows a lot of interest from fans from the status of reservations. According to Jeju officials, on the first day of the general reservation window on the 19th, the reservation rate is higher than that of Ulsan and FC Seoul. An official from Jeju explained, “It’s slightly less than double compared to Ulsan, and it’s double compared to Seoul.”

The traveling atmosphere is similar.스포츠토토 On the first day, 248 seats were sold. Considering that the final sales of away seats for the Ulsan and Seoul matches were 480 and 549, respectively, this is fast. There is still time left until match day, so more fans are expected to join the away road. This is why the possibility of confrontation between the coach and the fans on the away road cannot be ignored if the worst result comes out.

The Jeju club is also preparing for emergencies. An official from Jeju said, “We are once again checking and reorganizing the movement of the players of both teams,” and said, “We plan to put in enough manpower.”

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