Taiwanese female university student “Shocked, uncomfortable and uncomfortable on the streets of Seoul… won’t come again”

An article titled ‘Ten reasons not to go to Seoul twice’ by a Taiwanese female college student who visited Seoul is causing controversy in Korea.

On the 11th, a Taiwanese female college student A recently posted on a community in her home country was translated into Korean and is spreading in domestic online communities.

If you look at the article translated into Korean, the first reason you don’t go to Seoul twice is ‘air pollution’. Mr. A said, “I know it’s not Korea’s fault메이저사이트, but the scenery is all hazy and serious. The Han River doesn’t look clean either.”

Mr. A poured out the discomfort he felt while walking on her path. He said, “In Korea, there are cars on the sidewalk and there are many illegal parking. The sidewalk has too many potholes, so it’s the worst to lug a carrier around. Walking uphill and downhill is the worst thing to do when it rains.”

She also said, “The streets are so dirty and full of cigarette butts and vomit when you walk at night. She was shocked to see a woman smoking and spitting on the floor,” she added.

Public transportation is also inconvenient, she claims. He said, “If you go wrong on the subway, you have to come out again and buy a ticket again, which is inconvenient. It was harder than I thought to get a KTX ticket, and I didn’t have the comfort and pleasure of riding the Taiwanese high-speed train,” she said.

In addition, “It is a daily life to bump into people passing by. People have to squeeze in to get on the bus. It is the same when getting on or off the elevator.”

Ms. A pointed out, “The reason I went to Korea was because of ‘Ganjang Gejang’, but I don’t know if I have to put up with 9 inconveniences just to eat this one food.”

The article is said to have become a hot topic not only in Taiwan, but also in other Asian communities such as Japan and Hong Kong.

Domestic netizens are showing mixed reactions. Some agreed, saying, “There is nothing to refute.” On the other hand, a netizen who said he had been to Taiwan a few years ago refuted, saying, “(Taiwan) was not good because it was dirty and humid.”

Some responded that experiencing differences is the joy of travel, saying, “It is uncomfortable to generalize personal experiences.”

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