“Thanks to you, I won 1″… A luxury supporting actor shooting laser beams, 5 years of experience was not in vain

“Thanks to you, I won one.”

On the 11th, Lotte won against Doosan Sajik with Noh Jin-hyuk’s dramatic ending double. April MVP Na Gyun-an was somewhat sluggish with 4 runs in 5 innings, but the other line showed concentration and tied the score due to an error, but eventually completed the victory by ending the game in 10 extra innings.

Although the main players appeared in the elements of the game, the role of backup catcher Jung Bo-geun (24) could not be overlooked. Starter Yoo Kang-nam was replaced by runner Ahn Kwon-soo at the end of the 6th inning, and Jeong Bo-geun wore a mask from the defense at the beginning of the 7th inning. In the top of the eighth with a 6–5 lead, he dedicated the game on an error. It was a situation where the atmosphere of the game could be down, but the game continued.

In the top of the ninth, closer Kim Won-joong easily handled the first two out counts. However, after two outs, he gave up a walk to Yang Seok-hwan. It was after 2 deaths, but just the runner going out was a threatening situation. Doosan replaced Yang Seok-hwan and put in Jeon Min-jae, a fast runner. It was a de facto declaration of war to steal second base.

However, Jeong Bo-geun in the bedroom did not ignore this. Jeon Min-jae ran in Heo Gyeong-min’s at-bat with 3 balls and 1 strike. The 5th pitch was a strike, and Jeong Bo-geun threw it to second base with a quick throwing motion. Shortstop Noh Jin-hyeok, who entered the base cover, was laid low and fast, and he tagged out while waiting for Jeon Min-jae to slide in. The crisis did not spread due to Jeong Bo-geun’s blockade, and the top of the ninth was settled.

He failed to score in the bottom of the 9th, but eventually managed to score a run in the bottom of the 10th. Jeong Bo-geun’s stealing block was also one of the momentum that eventually paved the way for a valuable first win.

It was a Lotte dugout that was friendly after winning the end game. Players all praised and applauded Jung Bo-geun, who was the last person in the dugout to fix equipment and enter the clubhouse. He encouraged Jung Bo-geun with the words, “Thanks to you, I won one victory.” It was expressed in one word that the ninth inning’s stealing lay the foundation for victory.

[OSEN=Busan, Reporter Lee Seok-woo] Jeon Min-jae of the Doosan Bears is stealing second base in the top of the 9th inning when Heo Gyeong-min with 2 out and 1st base is at bat. 2023.05.11 / foto0307@osen.co.kr
Jeong Bo-geun, who wore a Lotte uniform with the 83rd overall in the 2nd 9th round of the 2018 rookie draft, was in the limelight as a catcher with good defense. In particular, his ability to stop stealing based on his fast throwing motion and strong shoulder was evaluated as his strength. He has a career stealing rate of 3.17 and this year he has a stealing rate of .50 (six attempts / three interceptions). In addition, he was highly praised by the coaching staff for his creative ball combination, which reacted in an instant rather than a standard way. The fact that he is the catcher preferred by pitchers was also a strength of Jeong Bo-geun.

However, his hitting was so weak that his career batting average was 1.7 4. His creative ball combinations sometimes backfired and were seen as complacency. It was even fatal for a catcher whose experience was an asset. And in the meantime, in the absence of a suitable starting catcher, Jeong Bo-geun’s excessive burden also acted as a burden. He appeared in 85 games in 2020 and 95 in 2022.

I could rise to the starting lineup someday, but not right away. They needed protection, but this year, veteran catcher Yoo Kang-nam was recruited. Jung Bo-geun put down the burden of being the starting pitcher and went back to being a backup. He might not like a backup role, but the team lacked an informed backup catcher. It is no exaggeration to say that the experience he has accumulated during 206 games since 2018 is not in vain and is shining in the backup position.안전놀이터

As several players were recruited and young players gradually developed, the player base became more solid. And as the players who did not hesitate to play a supporting role silently fulfilled their role in their seats, the team’s solidarity was strengthened. Jeong Bo-geun also became one of the leading supporting actors of Lotte.

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